How To Survive Freshers Week

Ah freshers, been there, done that and got a fair few t-shirts on the way. If you’re starting Uni this September, chances are you’re mostly expecting drinking, drinking and… well probably more drinking actually. However, if you want to survive it, remember these 7 rules.

  1. Be optimistic with people. When you first arrive at University, you don’t want to be the one crying down the phone to Mum every night. Buy a doorstop (or, as your student, prop it open with all the books you have to read) and get to know your flatmates, they’ll be more likely to say hello and chat to you. If you have one creepy flatmate like I did who doesn’t come out of their room (not even to eat), knock on their door and invite them out a few times. At least then you know you’ve tried.
  2. Eat before you drink. If you don’t, and you drink a lot, your night will be over faster then it began. Don’t waste that drink you’ve bought, you literally can’t afford it. Also, break your night up with water. Sounds boring but with every 2/3 drinks, just ask for a glass of tap water with it. You’ll look cooler lasting till the end of the night then someone having to take you home on the bus.
  3. Keep a spare £20. I can’t count the amount of times my friends have had their bags/ wallets stolen or lost it. It ruins your night and you won’t be able to get home. Keep £20 somewhere safe. In your bra for the gals and in a shoe for the lads. Trust me, you’ll need it.
  4. Avoid the hangover. You will spend most of the week hungover- it’s the price you pay for a week of drinking, it’s easy to get rid of though. Get up and start drinking again. Simple.
  5. Don’t be a slag/ man whore. In every student village, you will get to know the sluts around your accommodation. Whenever people talk about them, they laugh and share stories. Such as how many people they slept with in the fist week. 20? Not cool. Don’t be that person; it’ll haunt you for the rest of your life, trust me.
  6. Do safe sex. Yes, there will be sex. Shagging is excellent. It’s one of the only free gifts on the planet (except in Thailand) so if you haven’t already done so, take advantage of it. But remember your Johnnies. It’s not just the lads job.
  7. GO FOR IT. I can’t stress this enough. I also can’t tell you to binge drink. But I can tell you to down a bevy and join in the #bants. Many three-year long friendships are nailed within the first week of Uni, so throw a Sambuca in your face, light it and be a legend (don’t actually light it please).


It’s not rocket science but any advice will help your experience a little. Just be yourself, whether you are a slut or you don’t go out of your room, make sure you make the most of freshers week, it goes too quickly.


By Hannah Williams