Creamfields Do’s and Don’ts

Creamfields 2015 has ended, but we're already getting geared up for 2016! Here are a few handy tips and tricks that we’ve put together to help you survive what’s likely to be the messiest weekend of your life (both literally and metaphorically).  From previous years’ experience, these are a few tips that may just improve your weekend a little bit!


  • Do buy an official booklet with details of the line-up and stage times at the front entrance. Yeah, it’s heart breaking spending £8 on some laminated bits of paper, and it sort of feels like you’re hanging a lanyard of shame around your neck, but it’ll be worth it later in the day when you want to know what time your favourite DJ is performing, and don’t have to hunt down the nearest person wearing one to find out.
  • Don’t be the person who records every single set on their mobile. You’re there to watch the festival with your eyes, not through your phone! A 10 second snapchat video is cool, a 30 minute shaky recording is not so cool.
  • Do dress weather appropriately. Yes, wellies are cool! Yes, they’re fashionable and will keep you from getting your favourite trainers mud free. Wear them!
  • Do talk to people! Make friends with others at the festival, be it your neighbours at the campsite, or the guy standing next to you in the crowd. You’re all there to have a good time, and maybe they can give you a tip on the best set to go watch next.
  • Don’t buy any drugs being sold by rowdy men in the crowd. You have no idea what he’s selling, no matter what he tells you it is. It’s just not worth it! Save your money for the overpriced burgers, and get your buzz from the booze.
  • Do visit as many stages as you can. Each stage has a different vibe to it, so it’s worth dedicating time to each one. Watch all your favourite acts, but maybe discover so new talent in between!
  • Do consider upgrading to hospitality. Sure, it’s slightly pricier, but we just keep telling ourselves that those luxury loo’s and the slightly less busy bar are worth every penny.
  • Don’t buy tickets from sellers outside the festival. Imagine forking over all that money only to realise the ticket you’ve just bought is a fake. Heart breaking.
  • Don’t be the rowdy person in the crowd. Nobody likes a pusher.


  • Don’t let the tiredness ruin your weekend. You have all the time in the world to rest after the festival. Don’t just sit in your tent for an afternoon because you’ve run out of steam. Get out there and watch all of the amazing acts that you’ve paid to see!


Most importantly, just have fun! Creamfields is sure to be one of the best weekends you’ll have this year. That’s a promise.

By Lauren Chassebi