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Creamfields 2015 review

First thoughts

Creamfields is often hyped as being the number one House festival in the UK. This weekend, we at Licklist decided to head to the North to find out what all the fuss is about. The conclusion? Northerners know how to do festivals. This was a festival different to any other, mostly because of the huge focus on putting on a show. The staging, and talent of each of the DJs meant that you got an amazing experience with each set you watched, and each left a different vibe surging through the crowd. The weekend passed by in a blur of fairground rides, overpriced food, amazing music and many trips to the bar. There’s no doubt about it, we’re now converted Creamfields addicts. 2016, we will definitely be back for you.

 The stages

This year, Creamfields had two main stages: The North Stage and The South Stage, located at opposite ends of the festival grounds. These were definitely the stages which attracted the biggest crowds, with thousands of rowdy and excited ravers all huddled together to watch the sets. These two stages were massive, with all the exciting lighting and visual effects to go with them, and the crowds were loving it. As well as these two giant stages, there were seven other stages, each of these housed in tents, which also offered some amazing DJ sets for crowds to watch. Where the two main stages offered audiences with the most mainstream DJs of the Creamfields line up, the smaller stages such as Cream and Size were where the more niche DJs laid down their sets.