Preparing for Creamfields 2016

It’s never too early to start preparing for festival season, and Creamfields 2016 is almost upon us. After experiencing Creamfields first hand last year, we here at Licklist have taken it upon ourselves to give you all of the tips and tricks you’ll need to know in order to survive one of the best festivals the North has to offer. Worried about what everyone else will be wearing, and the essentials you’ll need to bring with you for the festival? Keep reading. We’ve got it all sorted for you.

The fashion

At Creamfields, anything seems to go when it comes to clothing. The main tip: if it’s comfortable, wear it! Here are a few of the outfit staples people were wearing in 2015 that may just help you in preparation for Creamfields 2016:


Denim shorts – comfy, easy to wear in most weather scenarios, and looks great when paired with basically everything. Shorts are always a winner.

The Checked shirt – Tie it around your waist in the day, and wear it when it starts to get a bit colder at night. The checked shirt is the perfect finishing touch to your outfit, and makes you look 10x more festival ready. Fact.

Wellies – Creamfields is definitely a wellies festival, because when it rains, it pours. In previous years, the glorious green fields have been transformed into one huge mud bath, wellies is definitely the best way forwards.

Playsuits – playsuits are the easiest festival outfit choice. It’s only one item of clothing, but makes it look like you’ve spent hours of time on your outfit. Bonus.


The checked shirt – Just like the girls of Creamfields 2015, the boys were also sporting plenty of brightly coloured checked shirts, for the same reasons. The perfect clothing choice for the day to night transition.

Bandanas – I’m not going to pretend I know why every boy at Creamfields decided to wear bandanas in 2015, but it looked super cool, so I’m not even going to argue with it. Let’s make it a thing again in 216 boys, deal?


The essentials

There’s always a risk of packing too many things to take to a festival, and then regretting it to no end while you’re struggling to carry your over stuffed bag across the fields to your camp. Let’s talk about some of the essential items to take to Creamfields 2016.

Enough cash – there are ATM machines inside the festival if you really need it, but these often cost to withdraw money, so think carefully about the amount of cash you may need for each of the days. Obviously don’t be walking around the grounds carrying hundreds of notes, that’s just asking for trouble. Make sure you get the balance right.

Socks, socks, socks – There is literally nothing worse than cold feet at a festival. If the weather is due to be wet, pack some extra socks to take with you. Soggy feet is so not the one.

A bum bag – A bum bag is your best friend at a festival (I’m not just talking to the ladies here), it’s the perfect place to store all your money and other belongings for the day, can be hidden under clothing if necessary, and you can dance as wildly as you want to, knowing that it is safely strapped to your body.

ID - If you’re lucky enough to look a few years younger than you actually are, make sure you carry your ID with you. In some circumstances, Creamfields has been known to not even let people in to the festival if they have no ID. Plus, your chances of using the bars just went down to 0.


We at Licklist will definitely be attending Creamfields 2016, so grab your wellies and your bum, and we’ll see you there!

By Lauren Chassebi