Sundown Festival

You may think August is the month for festivals, because it’s sunny and the perfect time to drink litres of cider, and you are correct. However there are a few gems put aside for September, for those of us who couldn’t get time off work until the Autumnal month. Sundown festival takes place on the 4th, 5th and 6th of September in Norwich and it is going to be big.

Where to begin with the line up? It is insane, and if you combined all the acts, you will have 30+ number ones in 2015 alone. Rudimental are headlining, being fresh from their world tour, they will want to relive that by playing to you in Sundown. Waiting Al Night has been listened to over 100 million times on Spotify, if that’s not worth getting yourself there to listen to, I don’t know what is. Jess Glynn has just released her new album and if you haven’t listened to it, you need to now. It is out of this world and she will be performing at Sundown. Along with them, Sigma, Labrinth, Wretch 32 and Hannah Wants will be gracing us with their presence. I predict an Earthquake this weekend, Tinie Tempah will be sure to get you all jumping up and down, making the ground shake.

If you’re thinking about camping, at Sundown it is a wise choice. Being a camper at Sundown gets you a deal most campers would only get if they went VIP. Showers and a pamper area are included, for the people who need a mirror to check up on how flawless they look, this is the area for you. As well as posh toilets (hallelujah) and safe storage at an extra charge payable on the day but how handy is that? Especially if you’re one of those people who manage to loose their phones in their bags on a regular basis. If you underestimate how much money you’ll need (those burgers are too good at the 3am munchies time to pass on) there are ATM cash machines provided. For the non-campers toilets are provide and are free! Hurray, free to pee. Bring a packet of tissues though, I wouldn’t bet on the festival to provide enough- do they ever?!

If bog-standard camping isn’t good enough for all you Millie Mackintosh’s and Spencer Matthews out there, don’t panic- glamping is available. Yippee Yurts are coming to provide luxury accommodation. A luxury package can sleep 2-6 people and includes a luxury tent, luxury blow up mattresses (what is the difference between a regular blow up and a luxury blow up, someone enlighten me?), duvet, sheets and pillows, rugs, access to the Zooloos powder room and many more homey bits for those of you who shiver at the thought of sleeping one layer of material away form the ground. To upgrade your tickets, check out their website: roduct-category/festivals/sund own-festival-2015/


So, if you’re depressed about our loveable four, 1D splitting up or you just have a free weekend with nothing to do, get your tickets here: http://nationalboxoffice.advan But hurry, they’re selling faster then Farah running the 5000m. uk


By Hannah Williams