Nass Festival Review

I recently overheard someone say “imagine if a family had turned up at Nass this year, expecting it to just be a regular festival you could take your kids to. Man, I’d feel sorry for those parents.” Basically, this is a quote which perfectly summed up Nass festival 2015 for me. Completely wild, messy in the best way possible, and completely un-family friendly (sorry kids). Arguably, 2015 was the best Nass festival yet. It was buzzing with people, the acts were on top form and the atmosphere was amazing. This year, Nass was everything I’d hoped it would be and more. Basically, a great weekend of drinks, music, sport and… more drinks.


At Nass 2015, there was never a dull moment. Throughout the weekend, blends of grime and house music could be heard blaring out all over the site from the various stages, meaning the party didn’t stop even if you were back at the campsite. Nass is a festival which always feels slightly different to any other festival, mainly because the people it attracts are serious hardcore ravers. This meant that the atmosphere was at an all-time high throughout the whole event. People were giving it their all when it came to both dancing and drinking, making for an amazing vibe.

The acts

Nass had a line-up which you just knew was going to be amazing before the festival had even begun. Luckily, the acts lived up to the high expectations I, and every other festival goer had for them. But really, what else did anybody expect with the likes of Enter Shikari and Rebel Sound on the main stage? It was guaranteed that these guys were going to be crowd pleasers, and they definitely were. From Friday to Sunday, acts across all of the stages attracted throng of rowdy crowds. There wasn’t a person in sight just standing around and staring blankly at the stage (we all know the ones). Everyone was having the time of their lives, screaming for more by the end of each set.

On Friday night, Enter Shikari set the bar high, providing the huge mass of fresh faced festival goers with a brilliantly energetic performance that set the mood for the entire weekend. Another highlight of the festival came from Sunday nights headlining act Public Enemy. Maybe it’s because they were the closing act of the festival, but the crowd that these guys attracted was literally the biggest I have ever seen, and spirits were equally as high. There’s something pretty cool about standing in a crowd of rowdy (and fairly off their head) festival goers, all singing along with a great act, word for word in (almost) perfect, drunken unison.

Everything else

Nass is not only known for its music, but for its high calibre Skate and BMX competitions too. Granted, these didn’t attract quite as many rowdy viewers as the huge main stage acts did, but there were still thousands of enthusiastic spectators, and a whole lot of incredible action and talent to be enjoyed from the likes of Tony Hawk and The Birdhouse Team. For many, this selection of extreme sports was the highlight of the weekend.

Missed out on Nass festival this year? Maybe keep it in mind as your summer festival choice for 2016. If it’s anything like this year’s festival, you’re in for a wild weekend.

By Lauren Chassebi