Grand Union Bars

I often find that I have two different moods when it comes to going out on a Friday night. Sometimes, there’s nothing I want to do more than down a bottle of wine before hitting the dingiest clubs in town. God knows why, but it’s something we all love doing so much. On the other hand, sometimes I’m more for sipping on a few cocktails in a slightly classier scene. (Basically, one where there aren’t people grinding to Trap Queen everywhere I look). These are the nights when scrapping your local club where your feet stick to the floor by the end of the night, and heading to a cool bar with slight hipster vibes, and a drinks menu to match is the best option.

If you’re a London resident, or someone who just loves a night out in the capital, you may have heard of Grand Union bars before. With swanky furnishings, and a quality cocktails menu, this is the perfect bar scene for your Friday night out, whatever the occasion may be. Grand Union bars have eight different venues across London, each of them decorated in a unique way with a different theme, meaning each is an entirely new experience. This is a chain of bars which prides itself in being a completely different scene to anything else the capital has to offer.

 If you’re a resident of South London, why not head over to Brixton’s Pleasure Garden? With amazing vintage décor, “a spectacular cocktail list and the best burgers this side of the Atlantic” this is a place that’ll really bring your Sunday fun-days to life. Grand Union Brixton’s Thai themed pleasure garden has been dubbed as one of the coolest outdoor pub gardens around. Definitely something worth checking out!

Or, maybe try Grand Union Wandsworth for size. This one is inspired by the beaches of California. Cue blow up palm trees, beach huts and a cute thatched cocktail bar. I can’t think of anything cooler to be doing with your weekend, plus, just think of the potential Instagram shots. So. Many. Grand Union bars are also based in Camden, Paddington, and a handful of other London locations, each with a different theme, and a different experience.

Not only do Grand Union bars have a great selection of cocktails, they have a food menu which hits the spot pretty well too. So if you’re not feeling a night full of pure alcohol, why not try out some of the burgers they have on offer? All of the GU bars have an American Diner theme to their food – burgers, pizzas, hotdogs and wings. What more could you really ask for? Some things on the menu are slightly pricier than others, but eating in London, this is something we all expect. Plus, when you’ve got a couple of cocktails down you, you’re 99% less likely to care. Fact.

Head over the Grand Union website to find out a little bit more about them, and plan which one you and your friends will be heading over to first! In a world where your local pub is getting overtaken by shabby furniture, poor lighting and old men knocking back pints of Guinness, this is a bar scene to really get excited about.


By Lauren Chassebi