Fusion festival

Fusion Festival returns on Friday 28th August to Birmingham’s Crofton Park, for the third year running.  Sponsored by Vimto and Capital FM, Fusion blazes through summer with an even bigger line up for 2015.


First thing I thought when I discovered the festival was sponsored by Vimto was, “mmm Vimto”, but after further research I discovered they’re far more than just a tasty beverage.  Vimto, alongside Fusion Festival, supports The Prince’s trust with the aim of raising funds for the charity.  A youth charity that helps transform the lives of vulnerable young people with education, training and finding work.  After learning this I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.  Truly it’s high time such an influential and fun occasion inspired its primarily youthful attendees to make a difference for other youths.


If you were considering tapping into your inner camper, flipping inside-out underwear long past its date of expiry and embracing your body odour-a fragrance you like to call ‘au du natural’- then you’re out of luck.  Of course the latter are still on the table, but unfortunately this time you’ll have to forgo the camping and utilise the many local guest houses, hotels and hostels.

Fusion Festival list of Cans and Can-Nots:

Setting aside the joys of recycled underwear (let he who is without shade cast the first stone), it is imperative you’re advised of the festivals list of ‘cans and can-nots’.  Now, lists are not only for those that lack the capacity to remember, they are also for those who, much like myself, find great pleasure in striking out accomplished tasks.  I’m talking ‘I laughed and peed a little’ excitement.  Too soon to share personal freakish tendencies?  Maybe.  But as you’ll now realise, all my waffling was intended to soften the blow you’re sure to experience when I tell you your selfie stick, (number one on the Cans and Can-Nots list) “will not be permitted into the main area”. 

Other things located in the can-not section of this list include large umbrellas, golf umbrellas, seating and any contraption with a sharp point; although I’ll assume you’re overflowing with intelligence and know this is a given.

Domestic cameras will be welcomed, just ensure they’re not too professional looking.  Blankets are also allowed into the arena but not in the Golden Circle.

Thankfully Fusion is aware English weather is unpredictable and will allow small folding umbrellas, ones of the fit in a handbag variety, into the festival site.


There are many reasons to rideshare to Crofton Park this year, whether rolling up in a sleek new soft-top or brothers hand-me-down banger, there’s no doubt the trip will 

forge some memorable tales.  So in no particular order; the reasons to rideshare: Contrary to the popular old belief, money does not in fact grow on trees.  That being said, just like selfie sticks, saving money is the new way forward- and by sharing your gas guzzling beast you not only split the petrol costs but apparently save up to 75% in comparison totaking the train.

Another perk: You’ll only need to snap a single spot for the one car, avoiding the dreaded car park space search of doom.  You can accuse me of hyperbole but we all know the endless battle of finding a less than suitable car park bay and then waiting for your festival companions to do the same.  The experience itself is enough to have you wishing you’d told car sharing to ‘stuff it’ and taken public transport.  But if you book in advance you can divide the costs of the car park ticket, meaning, if there’s five of you in the car you each only have to spend £1.60.

And lastly but not at all least, less cars on the road means were taking steps to vastly reducing the impact we all have on the environment.  Similarly, if you do choose to rideshare-and I don’t see why you wouldn’t after my convincing spiel- your impact will be even less than if you took the train. 


Jessika Downes-Gössl