Visiting Prague, Czech Republic?

When you think of a city break, what crosses your mind first? For me, the term “city break” just sounds a bit overly sophisticated. Like you can go on a holiday for a few days and get as drunk as you like for the entire weekend, but stick the phrase “city break” on the title of your Facebook album and watch how proud it makes your grandparents.


These breaks can be a lot of fun though (just as fun as your standard Magaluf or Ibiza holiday, I know that’s hard to wrap your head around) depending on which country you pick. Spain, France, Greece – all great destinations, but why not opt for something a little bit different? I’m not talking somewhere on the other side of the world that’s going to throw you completely out of your comfort zone, but somewhere that might push the boundaries just enough.


Prague is only a couple of hours on the plane from the UK, and it’s a destination that a lot of people have become increasingly attracted to in recent years. The possible best thing about Prague, is that there’s something for everyone. In other words, you have no excuses to not visit at some point in your life. In this city, rowdy stag parties in full s&m attire (something I will, unfortunately, never unsee), couples on romantic getaways, and families from every country, all roam around in perfect harmony. That’s something you definitely don’t see very often.


The main square hosts an eclectic mix of culture, beautiful buildings and statues, sprinkled with a handful of drunken British stags and bars serving nothing by absinthe infused drinks. For every cute little Czech restaurant you pass, with outdoor seating and strings of fairy lights, there is a Walkabout like club, with music blaring and dozens of young partiers pouring out of it. As I said, something for everyone. And the best thing about it is that the contrast totally works. You can enjoy a nice dinner and take in all the beautiful sights, before knocking back a few cocktails as the sun sets. Perfect.


There are plenty of sights to be seen in Prague. It’s a city which boasts plenty of landmarks, including Charles Bridge; the biggest bridge in the city, and Prague castle; a large complex which is home to the city’s biggest cathedral, a building which will literally leave you breathless. If you think Buckingham Palace is impressive, wait until you see this place. So why not give it a chance? If you don’t like it, Magaluf will still be waiting for you with open arms again next summer. Promise.


By Lauren Chassebi