Cream Fields Countdown

With just over two weeks until bank holiday weekend, you will surely be making big plans. This year, don’t bother spending plus 50 squid on a night out down your local club, do something different. Do Creamfields! Bigger and better then ever before, the Ibiza-style festival is definitely one to escape too.


In the past few weeks, even more acts have joined the British dance music festival. Fatboy Slim, fresh from Radio 1s Big Weekend Ibiza, will be returning with his own arena to take charge of this year- exciting! He is the DJ who seems to enjoy himself more then all of the others. He never keeps his head down towards three laptops and the decks; he will be jumping up and down with a big grin on his face. Creamfields have also added Kygo, the 23 year old from Norway who has recently triggered something in our bodies, as we love his songs Firestone and Stole The Show.


If you’re planning on going already, you’ll be pleased to know Smirnoff Vodka are going to give you all a treat. Celebrating the launch of Smirnoff Ice Double Black, their classic taste blends with guarana and soda will surely get your taste buds pumping to the sound of Avicii. They are also setting up Smirnoff House, which includes a lounge, a fully stocked Smirnoff Kitchen, incredible DJ’s and a bedroom, yes, a bedroom! Obviously there will be a bed, for dancing on only, of course.


Charge Candy is the UK’s biggest festival phone charge company and they will be there for your use at Creamfields this year. There’s nothing worst then running out of phone battery when you need it. You may want to call your friend in the festival if you lost them, or you want to record all of Steve Aoki’s set but you have no battery! No fear, leave it with Charge Candy and come back for it whenever how long you paid for is up.


2015 sees some acts that have been before and some totally new to the party. Friday will start you off for the weekend, so be prepared. Rebel Sound, Sub Focus, Signma and Hardwell will be performing across the stages in the beautiful Summer sun (fingers crossed for sun people). Avicii will blow you away on Saturday along with Pete Tong, Gorgon City, Armin Van Buuren, Annie Mac and Martin Garrix. On the bank holiday Sunday, Tiesto, Hardwell, Steve Aoki, Duke Dumont and Hannah Wants will cure you of the previous two days of drinking and binging and you will be fresh and wide awake for the whole day. They may as well all got on a plane from Ibiza straight over to the festival as a lot of the DJ’s seem to be resident there.


If you’re free, have the money and especially if you’ve never been to a festival, get yourself to Creamfields. If you aren’t free, make sure you are and if you don’t have the money, get it! Make your Summer one to remember, instead of looking back and saying the same thing you do every year, “I had so much planned this summer and I haven’t done anything”- don’t be one of those!


By Hannah Williams