2000 Trees – The review


2000 Trees may be classed as a small festival and with a capacity of just 5000 people I guess it is rather small but that doesn’t stop it from packing a real punch. On the 9th of July thousands of you descended upon Upcote Farm located in Cheltenham for a surprisingly sunny three day weekend filled with rock and indie music galore and maybe even a bacon sarnie if you were lucky enough.

The Tunes

This small festival definitely doesn’t hold back when it comes to amazing talent and insanely good headlining acts.  Thursday night saw the festivals regulars We are the Ocean storm the stage and bring in a huge crowd as well as English rock band The Subways who absolutely stole the night with the celebration of it being the 10th anniversary of their debut release performing classics such as Rock and Roll queen. Friday saw the likes of English 5 piece band Nothing but Thieves pack out their entire tent, the first artist of the day to do so. Back on the Main stage Deaf Havana performed a brilliant set bringing back nostalgic tracks mixed in some more recent ones, after their recent absence front man James Veck-Gilodi promised the crowd a brand new album and an exciting new tour on the way so keep your eyes peeled! Saturday’s line-up included Alkaline trio and The Big Sixes; with the set lists staggered over the day it makes it much less likely that you would have to choose between acts which is always a bonus.

The Atmosphere

The overall atmosphere comes across as friendly and at ease, with everyone there for a fantastic weekend filled with music and lots of fun. Due to the nature of the festival and with it being primarily rock it’s not unusual to find yourself in the midst of a mosch pit which can be quite the experience if you’re not expecting it! Due to having such a small capacity of people the festival itself feels very intimate, the majority of people there are regulars and that can certainly make you feel at ease if you are a newbie, friendly faces aren’t hard to find and as long as you embrace the gorgeous countryside surroundings and the sound of a bass guitar you will fit right in!

All the Extras

Festivals are usually known for their ridiculously over priced food which usually consists of a quarter pounder with cheese, however this festival offers so much more, they are multi award winning don’t you know! With a vast variety of food stalls planted around the site you can enjoy anything from sweet potato fries to grilled Halloumi burgers and better yet you can even get change from a £10 note! The festivals campsite is surprisingly quite spacious, with the majority of people bringing out barbeques and gazeboes to make themselves feel more at home, how they managed to get those on the train I will never know...


With tickets already on sale for 2016 and no doubt an outstanding line-up on the cards for what will be their 10th anniversary I would say attending next year is a no brainer.


By Sophie Black