Magaluf Nightlife

Magaluf – A Holiday Guide

Magaluf - known for its cheap booze and anything goes attitude it’s not surprising that more and more young Brits choose this resort on the sunny island of Majorca as their go to holiday destination. Fishbowls and boat party’s aside this gorgeous island has so much more to offer, its soaring temperatures and beautiful golden beaches can often get forgotten amongst the hazy midst of jagerbombs and exotic cocktails but trust me all you need is a handy little guide to point you in the right direction... Hmm, now I wonder where you can find one of those.

Night Scene

As soon as the sun goes down things start to heat up and I’m not talking about the 70 degree temperatures. Magaluf has two interlinking clubbing areas, the Main strip and the BCM Main Square; you could be forgiven for thinking that’s some kind of wrestling arena but fear not. The main strip has over 50 bars and 4 large nightclubs on offer all bringing something a little different to the table; from the old school R&B classics to the club party smashers you just can’t help but get up and dance to. The BCM Main Arena is home to some of Magalufs most talked about clubs such as Coyote Uglys, Baywatch show bar and Downunder as well as a huge outdoor drinking terrace which makes for the perfect spot to mingle. BCM planet dance was recently voted the 6th best club in the world attracting some of the world’s best DJ`s including David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Tiesto. The square also consists of two huge TV screens, live entertainment, an outside DJ and loads more to whet your appetite. Get ready for the night of your life!

Day Scene

So clubbing in the evening is pretty standard procedure but what about all those hours in between, it may be tempting to let them waste away whilst nursing a sore head with painkillers and a litre of water but I strongly urge you to get up and make the most of the glorious sunshine. The beach is 1600m long so chances are you’ll find a rather cosy spot on the sand whilst you soak up some rays. If you don’t fancy lying around in the sun all day or if like me you can burn from just looking at the sun then there’s a whole host of water sports and activities on offer to entertain you instead. From Jet Skiing to Para Gliding to Scuba Diving there’s something on offer for everyone, make some memories you will actually remember! If shopping is more your thing then you can always head to Palma city centre which is located just 15-20 minutes away, also home to Palma airport which is where you will be flying to on your travels so it’s always a good idea to take note of the area and have a look around upon arriving. The city offers numerous little kiosks and stalls selling affordable souvenirs and gifts as well as specialist shops for jewellery and fashion, you can even find a H&M there which will make it feel much more like home.  For the more adventurous tourists Western Water Park is a popular choice amongst holiday makers offering the highest slide in Majorca! Perhaps not for the faint hearted.


You needn’t spend a fortune on accommodation whilst in Magaluf with several different hotels available all within a very close reach to the Main Strip it won’t be hard to find somewhere safe and comfortable to stay during your holiday. From the basic hotel rooms to the swanky apartments and on location wave machine there really is accommodation on offer to suit everyone’s budget.

So what are you waiting for, Uni has ended, the sun is shining, swimwear is finally in store and that new kaftan you bought last week definitely deserves to be shown off,  basically screams holiday if you ask me!


By Sophie Black