Radio One Weekend Ibiza 2015

Radio One Weekend Ibiza

Right, let’s think of the two things that young people in the UK seemingly just cannot get enough of lately. The first: house music. I feel like I missed some sort of memo towards the end of 2014. Seriously, it was like I just woke up one morning and the entire world had evolved into some House worshipping, shuffling machine. I mean I’m not complaining, I can get on board, but if I have to hear someone screaming “wait for the drop!” over a Calvin Harris song one more time, I’m going to lose it.

The second of these obsessions, and one which I feel is slightly more justified, is lads and girls holidays. They’re a summer classic, and an experience everyone must have at least once, just to get it all out of your system. Luckily for us, there is one huge event taking place this summer which combines these two things, and will earn you some serious cool points at the same time. Everyone has heard of Radio One’s weekend takeover in Ibiza. This year, it kicks off on the 31st July, running until the 2nd August, and you need to be there.

Why should you go?

Any music event being hosted by Radio 1 is going to be a great one. Just look at Big Weekend for evidence of that. There’s no need for me to even try to sell it to you, but I will anyway. This year, things are going to be kicking off even bigger than any previous year, as Radio 1 are celebrating their 20th year of partying in Ibiza. The festival is being advertised as “absolute carnage” so really, anything goes. Take that to mean whatever you will, but I’m going to take it as: blow all of your money on cheap shots and fish bowls, get as drunk as you possibly can for the entire weekend, and try really hard not to catch any diseases.

I see you reading this and thinking “but I’ve already been to Ibiza. Literally, been there, done that, got the metaphorical t-shirt.” Maybe you have already been, and maybe it was the wildest week of your life. But Ibiza is about to take a completely different form – and this is definitely something you won’t have seen before. Radio One’s weekend is the biggest event of the year in Ibiza. Every club, party and bar will be putting on their best sets, and the biggest and best DJs around to make sure you have the time of your life. You’ve never seen anything else like this, guaranteed.

The Line-up

With twenty years of experience hosting the biggest parties in Ibiza, you know that the line-up is going to be amazing. There comes a time in a festivals life span where they aren’t the ones begging for big acts to perform for them anymore, the big names are the ones doing the begging. Radio One’s weekend in Ibiza is a party that every big name in house music wants to be involved with. As well as Radio 1’s own cast of incredible DJ’s; Annie Mac, Pete Tong and Danny Howard, there’s a huge list of special guests who will all be on scene to make this one of the best weekends of your life.

The main events over the course of the three days will be hosted by the R1 DJ’s in the biggest, and best known venues on the island. On the Friday, Annie Mac kicks things off with the opening event, featuring sets from huge DJ’s such as Disclosure and Calvin Harris. Saturday, Danny Howard takes over, joined by names like Duke Dumont and Rudimental. Finally, Pete Tong takes the stage on the Sunday, alongside some equally huge acts; Faithless, Kolsch, and many more. If you’re a fan of any of these DJs radio shows, this is something which can’t be missed. The whole weekend is going to be insane.

The Parties

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m already sold. That would all be enough for me, I’m 100% there. But it’s not enough for Ibiza. As we all know, this is a place that does things big, and when teamed up with Radio One – there are no limits. Across the weekend, there are a load of verified parties for you to get involved with, and see even more of that House action. (As well as bucket loads of other events and parties going on all over the Island. Don’t blame us when you leave your hotel and are swarmed by dozens of desperate promoters). There’s boat parties with some incredible resident DJs (ever drunk your weight in vodka mixed with alcopops on a boat? Take it from me, it does not end well). There’s also Creamfields Ibiza 2015, with The Prodigy, Sigma, Wilkinson and many more all laying down their best sets.

There’s never a dull moment in Ibiza, especially not when Radio One take over. These events are all ticketed separately, so decide which you’re going to, and head on over to the website now! These things are like gold dust, and they’re going to sell out fast.

By Lauren Chassebi