Maddox Club

Located in the exclusive Mayfair area in London, Maddox Club has been open for eight years and is still takes first place for boutique nightclub with the most luxurious interior. It is one of the only private members club that has DJ booth in the restaurant, why would you walk past and not go in? This place has food and a DJ in one room, need I say more?

There is a glass DJ booth that overlooks the ground floor Italian and Mediterranean restaurant. This restaurant is perfect for those who live the healthy way, as they only source the highest quality ingredients. Now this isn’t cheap and booking is recommended, but it is a night where excellent service will make you forget about the woes of the outside world.


The stairs from the restaurant take you into the subterranean nightclub where top UK and international DJ’s play all night. So you can walk from having a delicious meal straight to the dance floor. This is a room that top celebrities of London will be in at the weekends, Lauren Pope and Vas from TOWIE will surely be spotted with a Cosmo in one hand screaming “Shut up!” It is open weekly Thursday to Saturday from 10pm, perfect for a celebration. Celebrate just being fabulous if you must.


Yes, it’s strictly members only, but that won’t stop you sending over an email to see how to get in. With the most pristine cocktails you’ll taste, you should really make the effort to get yourself inside. They have award-winning staff there to ensure your night is top notch, plus we take photos there… What’s better then spotting your face on out website anyway?

By Hannah Williams club xclub