Reading Festival

So the 28th of August is just under two months away and if you haven’t already got tickets, here are a few of the many reasons to hurry your arse up and purchase some.

The festival has committed to free loo roll! After last years fail at providing this (I do feel sorry for you if you were paperless, how on earth did you mange? Actually don’t answer that), however, I would still take my own. Also, Reading Festival has given £420 worth of tickets to 25 of Reading’s local councillors. If that’s one of the job perks, sign me up. Hopefully they’ll be a great laugh over in the VIP tent. ‘Music Angel Social Power’ will be at the festival, selling portable chargers for £20 which you can reuse twice and can be recharged up to 500 times when you leave the festival- is that enough battery to upload your selfie snaps?

There have also been some more names added to the line up! On the BBC 1 Xtra Stage are a trio of hip-hop acts. With his huge mix tapes, Bugzy Malone is growing his fan base each day and it’ll surely show when thousands attend to hear him play. Doing it for the girls is Lady Leshurr and US rapper Vince Staples will be performing with his new album under his belt, I’m sure he’ll be performing some of his dark beats he’s been cooking up.

Another reason to go is a pretty damn cool one. One the Alternative stage has closed, the silent disco to start. So put on your headphones and personalise your night, plus it’s hilarious to watch your best mate dance completely out of time to your song. But that’s not all. There will be cinema screenings until 4am on Friday and Saturday and 2am on Sunday. The cinema costs something crazy like £9 these days, so if you can stay awake- go! There will also be dodgems, waltzers and more! A bloody funfair! Need I say more?


Without mentioning the insane headliner acts (I’m sure you’ve already had a sneak peak) and the other cool stuff that’s happening that weekend, it’s safe to say you’re keen to go. Good! Tickets are still available; weekend camping or day tickets without camping, whatever suits you best- /tickets Artists across the globe come to play here and there are hundreds of thousands of people across the globe who would kill to attend. So what are you waiting for?


Hannah Williams