Shrewsbury Fields Forever


Panic over! After the worry that the festival didn’t have a venue, it has be announced that Shrewsbury Fields Forever Festival will be held in the West Mid Show Ground in Shrewsbury. On September the 11th-13th pack your tinned beans and your neon face paint and get to Shropshire for a multi-arena music and arts festival.

Celebrating their 5th year running, the line up has yet to be released but don’t get your knickers in a twist! If last years line up is anything to go by, you’re sure in for an insane weekend. Tinie Tempah brought all his tunes for the whole crowd to Pass Out too, British singer/ songwriter Chlöe Howl belted her strong vocal chords to the masses and in the classic dance tent, John Kelly mixed his old tunes to people who have never heard of him- and they loved it. The Cribs, Redlight, Darren Styes and lots more acts also made an appearance.

Pack up your warm cans and get the alcohol flowing that weekend because as of now, there is no glamping- sorry lads and lasses who need to straighten their hair each morning. Embrace the camping guys, everyone’s in the same boat (or field) and the people in the tent next to you may become your best friend or lover, anything can happen at this festival.Something this festival does which is like no other I’ve heard of is a litter bond. These are attached to your camping pass and a £5 deposit will be taken alongside the camping pass. This is refundable if you return two bags of litter. Keeping the fields tidy and getting a little bit of cash back? Perfect way to fund you full English breakfast on the way home, which will be much needed.


Now down to the nitty gritty. As the festival has moved venues so close to the date, they have launched a ‘Kickstarter’ campaign. It basically means instead of buying a ticket, you buy a pledge. The festival have a target and if they don’t meet it, no festival. Tickets may become available in the near future but by pledging you will get cool rewards from albums, discounted admission, to VIP (why would you think twice?).


Even though the fine print of this Shrewsbury Fields Forever is not set in sand, it is sure to be a fantastic weekend of booze, music and laughter. Hopefully this year will see the silent disco and the tasty food stalls return. Start planning your outfits (for rain or shine) and get in your pledge.


Hannah Williams

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