Why you have to go to Leeds festival at least once in your life

Everyone should go to Leeds Festival once. There is something intoxicating about the heady combination of drunken students, 8 quid burgers, not washing properly and staying up till the sun rises and you can’t see straight anymore. Here are some other reasons to head to Leeds…  


The Music: Contrary to some people’s perceptions of Leeds fest, it is ultimately about the music. Fortunately 2015 looks set to be an interesting one with the likes of the reformed Libertines, Kendrick Lamar, Jamie T, Metallica, The Cribs, Limp Bizkit and many more…



The Silent Disco: When the main stage closes, everyone flocks to the silent disco tent to don a pair of wireless headphones and scream their hearts out. Highlights include taking your headphones off and realising how terrible a bunch of drunken people sound when half are singing Oasis and the other half are singing the Jackson 5, pointing up and down to gesture to your mates to change channel so you can chant in unison and most importantly, trying to sneak as much alcohol in as is logically possible. In your hood, in your wellies, down your pants, who cares as long as you get it in?




Making friends: Leeds festival is one of the most welcoming festivals you will ever attend, thanks in part to how off their face everyone is. Something as trivial as standing next to someone in a queue or complimenting their wellies could easily result in a day-long friendship or perhaps even something more… if you catch our drift?




Choosing your camp: Everyone always thinks that where they have chosen to camp is the best section so you should be prepared to defend your choice of where you’ve pitched up. White and yellow are close to the arena and full of hedonistic vibes, blue vs. red is always an interesting albeit messy skirmish and brown/green are a little more civilised. Half of the fun is actually wandering through the campsites in a drunken haze at 2am and seeing what is occurring in all the different sections, you never know what you might find…



The Yorkshire accent: Need we say more?



Stage Dashing: This may not sound fun, but honestly there is nothing more satisfying than rushing from main stage all the way to the NME tent to see a band. You’ll be bloody knackered but you can take solace in the fact that you’re getting some exercise and burning off those cheesy chips.



That first can: There is nothing that epitomises Leeds better than waking up in the morning, unzipping your tent and then proceeding to open a can of warm fosters. What a way to start the day… CHEERS!


By Ford Maddox Brown