Zante 2015

Zante is one of the most popular destinations for a hedonistic holiday in the sun. With the peak season just about to hit full flow, we at licklist are generously providing you with a little guide to the nightlife in Zante. Aren’t we sweet? 



Undoubtedly you’ll be doing some PRE-pre drinks in the hotel but when you do hit the strip, fishbowls at a reasonable price and a good atmosphere should be your main priorities. Here are a few favourites:

Cherry Bay: After a walk down the strip a lot of people head to Cherry Bay and for good reason. Picture this; a packed club, right near the beach, full of drunk people dancing tothe Baywatch theme tune. Sounds fun right? The Cherry Bay Beach Club is all about cheesy music and a crazy night till the sun comes up. Plus the DJ booth is a bloody 18ft boat. Cool. We’d recommend the Full Moon party on a Monday, hosted by DJ Majestic and featuring buckets of alcohol and pretty fireworks, you’d be a fool to miss it! on-party-zante   

Rescue Club: Is there a better way to spend a Wednesday night than getting blind drunk and throwing paint at a stranger? Surely not. The original paint party in Zante has built a reputation and is deffo worth checking out at Rescue Club.

Zeros Club: The largest club in Zante certainly doesn’t do things small, even the bar tenders are fire breathers! The foam party on a Friday is a massive event and is well suited to the size of the super club. The Karnage bar crawl on a Sunday also ends here in a sea of orange t-shirts!

Sizzle: The Sizzle club has been going strong since 2006 and with two stages and boasts a 1000 person capacity. ‘Dancing in Colours’ (Saturday) and ‘F**K Me I’m VIP’ (Tuesday) are both messy nights and sure to be full!

Drunken Duncan’s Cocktail Bar: Cheap drinks are nice, but at Drunken Duncan’s the crew prides itself on its expensive concoctions that are worth the money. The ‘mindblaster’ (10 spirits in one glass) seems to be a favourite for people wanting to get leathered!

Pure Beach Club: First off, Pure just looks inviting. A pool bar, private cabanas and luxury sun loungers, it’s not hard to guess someone like Gaz from Geordie Shore had a hand in the conception. The events themselves are no less grandiose than the environment with champagne spray parties happening weekly on a Saturday. achclub









BOAT PARTIES: It wouldn’t be a summer Holiday without doing shots on a boat…

Absolute Boat Party: 150 people, great music and free shots throughout the journey. The Absolute crew pride themselves on providing the best in music, drinks, banter and of course safety, because you don’t want some drunken wally with a scalp tattoo driving your boat… e-boat-party

Rum ‘N’ Raybans: The Main deck boasts a dance floor, party games, DJs and MCs whereas the upper deck is where to go for swim stops, water games and ‘special surprises’. The best news though is that both decks offer FREE shots all night. Sorted.

So there you are, hopefully this little guide has given you some inspiration on where to consume copious amounts of alcohol in Zante. Enjoy.


Ford Maddox Brown