Cherry Bay

Zante is known for its all nighters, cheap booze and anything goes attitude, making it every young person’s dream and every mother’s nightmare.  Sun, sex and suspicious parents have a lot to answer for! Located in Greece its home to some of the most beautiful surroundings and most definitely doesn’t have a shortage of gorgeous beaches to feast your eyes on, so between downing jaegers be sure to fit in some sightseeing! Laganas is one of the most popular destinations amongst young people seeking some fun in the sun, alongside its beautiful beach you can find over 100 different clubs, restaurants and bars to keep you occupied during your stay.

A Zante holiday just wouldn’t be complete without a night out at the Cherry Bay beach club, the two go hand in hand,  just like Fish and Chips one just wouldn’t feel right without the other. The club is located at the bottom end of the Laganas strip but can almost certainly be heard from the other end, always buzzing with hundreds of party goers up for an insanely good night out. Cherry Bay is open up until the very early hours making it the perfect location to finish your night, don’t expect things to slow down until around 7am though, this one isn’t for the faint hearted. Expect to be getting on down to the sweet sounds of Elvis and Queen and if you’re really lucky maybe even the Baywatch theme tune, get those red swimsuits at the ready ladies. Cherry Bay is about as cheesy as you can possibly get and we love it, there’s more sing a long tunes than the karaoke night at your local and who doesn’t love a bit of Cotton Eyed Joe to end the night on?

Full Moon Party

So we all know Thursday is the new Friday but have you ever heard of Monday being the new Saturday? Well no nether have I to be honest but it looks like we have a lot to learn! Cherry Bays legendary Full Moon Party is hosted by one of London’s hottest DJ`s/ Producers Majestic and takes place every single Monday night without fail. With a 2 hour discounted bar, banging tunes to keep you on your feet and cheap drinks available by the bucket you really can’t go wrong. The aim is to recreate Thailand’s legendary Full Moon Party and I think it’s fair to say they do it pretty damn well.


Tickets are to be ordered from the Zante box office and will set you back around 30 Euros in which you will receive free entry to CherryBay on a night of your choice, discounted drinks (around 5 Euros for a bucket and 1 Euro for a shot), a free T-shirt and even a swanky little firework display to top it all off.

So if you’re planning a cheeky little Zante week away this summer then be sure to check out CherryBay for a night you won’t want to forget (but probably will)


By Sophie Black