Pure Beachclub Zante


The Venue:

These days, lads and girls holiday’s abroad have sort of become a rite of passage into adulthood. It’s kind of like you can’t be taken seriously in life until you’ve spent a week getting wasted on [insert name of random, dodgy strip here] by night, and getting slightly less wasted, but still significantly drunk, by the pool by day. These holidays are simply part of being British, and I know I don’t have to attempt to explain the weird and wonderful rituals that come with them to you. We’re all very familiar with the way these holiday’s work. Knowing the best clubs and bars in the area is always a huge benefit when you’re on your holiday. You want to know where all the coolest people are going to be, so you don’t end up dancing alone in some shifty basement, which you were told before you walked through the doors was buzzing with people. Everyone’s fallen for it at least once. If you’re headed to Zante this summer, put Pure Beachclub at the top of your list of places to attend. You won’t regret it.


The Events:

Pure Beachclub and pool bar is a completely fresh take on club life in Zante. They host a variety of different events, and it’s not just your usual foam party. We all know the ones – you spend hours doing up your makeup and hair for what you’re hoping will be the best night of your life, only for some complete stranger who’s had a few too many to coat you in a layer of foam and regret. Not the type of scene anyone enjoys, and luckily not the type of scene you’ll find at Pure Beachclub. Every Saturday, the club hosts a Champagne Spray Party – sounds pretty fancy, right? Inspired by some of the biggest pool parties in Ibiza, Marbella, Miami and Las Vegas, you know this is going to be an event done right. Enjoy the sun, the pool, the alcohol and not to mention the incredible DJ’s who reside there. If you have other plans for your Saturday in Zante, Thursday nights at Pure are also pretty huge. Everyone’s favourite Geordie Shore lad, Gaz is there throughout the summer to host the biggest pool party you’re ever likely to attend, with a huge selection of other celebrity guests, and some cash prizes up his sleeve. A pool party with Gaz? That’s not something I’d ever turn down.


Why Pure Beachclub?

Pure Beachclub is not just about the mental parties, it’s just as much about letting guests relax in the best way possible in the days, before it kicks up the tempo in the nights. The venue is filled with private cabanas, luxury beds and sun loungers, for you to sit back in and relax with as many cocktails as you can carry, while the sun is shining. Plus, the DJ’s who unleash their sound on Pure’s club goers are of a world class standard, and some huge names have performed there since the place opened. Most recently, SIGMA appeared there, wowing crowds with a set which made for one of the best nights Greece could possibly offer.


Pure is described as being Greece’s premiere pool venue, and provides you with an experience you won’t get anywhere else in Zante. If sipping strawberry daiquiri’s poolside by day, and soaking yourself in champagne as the sounds of some of the hottest current DJ talent blares out around you by night sounds like your thing, why not party at Pure Beachclub this summer?

Tickets to their main events can be bought here.

By Lauren Chassebi