Festival Essentials

When attending a festival, you'll have a better time if you're 110% prepared. Whether it's your first or tenth, I'm sure there's always something missing from your oversized backpack. Fear not my friends, here are the festival essentials (well the ones you may not think of).


Alcohol at festivals is crazy expensive. Unless you're someone with a lot of cash on them, I suggest investing in a hip flask to cart your alcohol around and buying mixers when you successfully and smugly pass security (hurray)!


Portable chargers are life. You will need your phone for so many things (like using it as a flashlight to find your tent after raving with C Harris till 4am). The cases with the built in chargers protect and charge your phone- what more could you ask for?









No-one likes being stuck in a loo without any loo roll... That will happen a lot. So bring pick tissues. Top Tip: Hide them before you go into the toilet or you will have everyone and their grandma asking for one... It's not being selfish, you just don't want to get in the drip dry situation because you've been Mr Generous in the loo queue!


There's no point in taking all your cards, just have one bank card for emergencies, your ID and cash. So take a little coin purse to put in your pocket or bumbag, making room for other valuables you want to carry round. It keeps you a little more organised and it’s quicker to fish the pennies out when paying for a beer or two.


Wellies. Are. Cool. Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, come rain or shine, you do not want to be walking around those areas with flip flops or trainers- unless you want to get a disease, be my guest. Plus they weigh about one billion kgs so you're getting a work out in too.


If you feel like you might get be getting lucky Kentucky at the festival, don't forget your condoms. Please. Don't take home any unwanted gifts with you.


Hopefully this will help anyone going to a festival. You have probably mentally written the usual list of tent, sleeping bag, etc, these are a few bits you may forget and it will completely ruin your festival experience. So trust me and make sure you have these items.


Hannah Williams