Parklife Festival – The Review


Parklife may be classed as a small festival but this festival is anything but small. Manchester, you didn’t disappoint! An insanely good line up meant this year’s Parklife was rammed with a whole bunch of you wellies on foot and sunnies in hand ready for a weekend of fun, laughter, incredible music and probably more jaegers than you could handle.

The Tunes:

With huge names and several stages to get your head around there definitely wasn’t a shortage of insanely good music to get your teeth stuck into this year. Ella Eyre was one of the first to take to Saturday’s Main stage, and judging by the amount of hair flicking and head banging she must have given one hell of a performance. Also on the line up was Critics choice award winner James Bay, the king of acoustic. His smooth and soulful dulcet tones attracted so many of you the tent wasn’t nearly big enough meaning people had to listen from outside, maybe next year he`ll be rightfully placed on the Main Stage (hint hint). Labrinth also strutted his stuff on the main stage, with his performance of ‘let the sun shine’ leaving fans singing every single word as the sun made a short and very conveniently timed appearance.  I think the highlight of everyone’s weekend had to be Disclosures set, banging out tunes such as F for you and White Noise, they left everyone completely buzzing, as they closed Saturdays main stage with a bang and left everyone wanting more. If there’s a petition to bring them back next year (and their totally should be) I’m signing it.

The Atmosphere:

Obviously everyone was in high spirits and that wasn’t just because the alcohol was flowing, generally the vibe was just as you would want it to be, chilled and friendly. If you’re not from Manchester then you will have to get used to being called ‘Love’ by pretty much everyone because that is just a thing, but hey there’s far worse you could be called. The festival itself was well organised and that was made clear by the controlled crowds and the large amount of security patrolling the site, making sure you felt safe which is always a good thing at such a large event. Crowds were big as can be expected but generally everyone was just up for a great time.

All The Extras:

With dozens of food stalls to choose from deciding what to eat for the day was quite a hard task, you can have anything from Chicken Katsu Curry and sticky rice to a beans and cheese jacket which would have set you back around £5.50. Prices weren’t sky high which is always a pleasant surprise and there really was so much to choose from that even the fussiest of eaters would find something to keep them content. A beer would set you back around a fiver which is far more than a drink in the Rovers Return but still not too bad for festival prices. The tram and shuttle options are the best way to get home in my opinion so don’t even try and travel any other way, they may not be the most glamorous way to travel but they will get you home safely and relatively quickly at the end of a long and tiring day because no one wants to be passed out on the side of a country lane at 1am!


All you lick-listers have given nothing but 5 star reviews on our site so you clearly all enjoyed yourselves! I’ll be sure to see you all next year! 


By Sophie Black