We Are Fest – The Review


Excuse me whilst I crawl out of the hole I have been hiding in whilst I recover from an absolutely epic weekend, through no one’s fault but my own of course. Who drank too many Vodka lemonades and ate a ridiculous amount of overpriced junk food? *Insert hands up emoji here* that would be me.

We are Fest was everything I wanted it to be and more. The sound of thumping bass could be heard a mile off, crowds of us all trekked in our thousands up the long country lanes, wellies, flip flops and converse galore to reach our destination. I envisioned thousands of people just soaking up the incredible atmosphere and I wasn’t wrong.


The Tunes!

Every tent was rammed with people but not in the uncomfortable kind of way where you’re pushed up against a sweaty old guy, we all know that feeling. Everyone was just loving the music because let’s be honest what is there not to love? Gorgon City on main stage? Um yes please. MK`s 75 minute set attracted thousands with my head is a jungle going down an absolute treat. There were around 7 different stages in total all with something a little different to offer, the What Hannah Wants tent was rammed with people from start to finish, with sets from Waze and Odyssey and Kidnap Kid to get people in the mood. If dance and house is your thing then We Are is totally the festival for you, or if you’re not a huge fan then I am pretty sure this little festival has the ability to convert you!


The Atmosphere:

 A dance festival in the anything but quiet county of Essex may make you want to run for the hills but honestly the atmosphere was amazing. There was the odd occasion where a security guard would be seen chasing a drunken hooligan across the field but that’s pretty standard festival procedure and also rather amusing to be honest. The daytime was the time when people could be found just chilling on the grass, munching on cheese burgers with a cold beer in hand just soaking up the incredible atmosphere.  It was when the sun went down that things really heated up; the main stage was in full swing as Carl Cox took centre stage with the final set on Saturday leaving everyone buzzing for more. Although each tent was rammed they weren’t claustrophobic at all it was still really easy to move around and feel completely safe in and amongst the huge crowds, there was the odd idiot who got a little too excited but a quick shuffle in the opposite direction and all was okay.


All The Extras:

Merchandise was obviously a tad overpriced but there was no way on earth I was leaving without my lanyard, pretty handy seeing as they give you a list of all the artists performing on which stage and at which time so there wasn’t any embarrassing moments of rocking up to a tent having no clue who you were dancing to. Lunch and dinner consisted of a chicken mayo burger with chips followed by a hot dog which was nicely topped off with churros, sugar coated doughnuts and a handful of pick n mix (summer body goals can totally wait until next year). It’s no king of the day but really the prices were reasonable enough. Lockers were available for hire which can be booked online beforehand or when you get there, they were an absolute godsend! As the night turned a bit chillier a jacket was an absolute must and thankfully we could keep ours in the lockers all day, seriously worth investing in for next year.


So if you’re a festival virgin or more experienced than Caroline Flack then We Are is well worth a look in. It’s essentially a 24 hour rave over 2 days, how very reem!


By Sophie Black