Festival Hangover Cures

So you’re planning on going to a festival this year and want to have an epic, care free, alcohol infused time that even Charlie Sheen would pass on- what else are festivals for? However you’re worried that on morning two and three you’ll be in such a bad way you won’t be able to leave your tent. Calm your tits; here are 5 hangover cures that will help.



1. Food, food, food. Lining your stomach before and after you drink is crucial. As you’re drinking you won’t realise you’re hungry until it’s too late, so make sure you get a good amount of protein, carbs and fat into your meals. Then the food will soak up the alcohol, easing your head in the morning.


2. Choose your weapon wisely. While drinking, be careful what you select. It may be tempting to get the cheap, local cider, which tastes like ten week old milk but do you want to miss all of tomorrow’s music? Try and stick to clear drinks and don’t mix too many drinks, your body won’t be able to handle them!


3. Water. Drink water during consumption of alcohol and plenty after. A litre of water before you hit your sack will ease your head in the morning. Alcohol is very dehydrating, and if the weather is sunny, then you will need a lot.


4. Make up hides everything. Yes girls and boys, a little touch of concealer under the eyes to hide the Paris Hilton post-night bags will make a hell of a difference to your morning look. Hopefully you won’t scare off the other person in the tent you brought back last night. Or on the other hand if you want to get rid of them, skip the concealer and you’ll be sure to get them out in a hurry!


5. If the previous suggestions fail to help you, then simply keep on drinking. You won’t remember anything; you’ll probably miss the rest of the festival and have the hangover of a century when you get home, but hey- at least you can say you went to a festival this year.



Hangovers are preventable and a lot of people will agree they’re not worth it, especially if you’ve got two more nights of heavy drinking. What’s the point of paying the money to go to a festival to get there and miss half of it because you were lying in your own sick feeling sorry for yourself? Take action with these tips and leave your tent the next day feeling and looking fresh.


by Hannah Williams