Eden Festival

Eden Festival

When looking for what festivals you’ll be attending over summer, what do you usually consider? Somewhere new and different, tucked away from the mundaneness of regular society? A festival which boasts not only great music, but enough exciting extras to keep you entertained for the whole weekend? Not asking for too much, right? If you’re reading this thinking ‘hey, that’s exactly what I look for in a festival!’, then we may have just found the perfect one for you, hidden away in Moffatt, Scotland, Eden Festival runs from the 11th – 14th June 2014, and prides itself on being an energetic and vibrant boutique festival for the people.

The Line-up:

Spread across nine different stages, Eden festival boasts a super eclectic and versatile line-up for festival goers to enjoy. Headliners for 2015 will include Grand Master Flash, The Cat Empire and Ms Dynamite. That’s right. Ms. Dynamite. Your tween self will literally never forgive you if you don’t go along just to scream along to the words of Dy-Na-Mi-Tee with all the angst, just like we all secretly used to do in our bedrooms. Other acts set to join the true queen of hip hop, include The Skint’s and Too Many T’s. As you can see, this is not simply a one generation festival. The huge mix of genre’s on offer means that there are acts that will appeal to all age groups. Finally, a festival you can take your dad to! Just what we’ve always wanted.


The Entertainment:

The line-up is not the only good thing about Eden festival. It has plenty more to offer in the forms of other entertainment around the site. We all love it when things get a bit weird at a festival. We want to walk into a makeshift building which looks from the outside like it would be a perfect place to take grandma, but get inside and be greeted by something completely surreal. Eden has plenty of places like this to offer. For example, give the Voltans Psychedelic Temple a try; described as being like a ‘lucid vision from behind closed eyelids’, you can only imagine the feast that awaits your eyes. Or maybe The Vishnu Lounge is more up your street, a mini paradise draped in hammocks and a bathtub apparently – seriously fancy. There’s also a Lost Disco, a Cycle Powered Reggae Tent (did you ever think you’d hear those four words strung together?) and a kids tent for all those mini festival kings and queens. Whatever you’re looking for from your festival, Eden can certainly provide you with it.


Why Eden?

These days, festivals are all about who can consume the most alcohol over the long weekend period, who can wear the best combination of short shorts and wellies, and who will be the first to end up face first in a lake of mud. That’s what British festivals are about, right? Eden offers the opportunity to experience not only these things, but so much more. Being a family friendly festival, everyone is welcome. Let Eden festival offer you with the sense of community spirit that your usual festivals have been lacking. You won’t regret it. Not only this, Eden is a seriously green festival – something which you probably gathered around the point when I mentioned a bike powered reggae stage. If you’re looking for a festival which will take you off the grid for a few days, as the hipsters say, and put you back in touch with nature, then Eden is definitely the one for you.


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By Lauren Chassebi