How to pull at a festival

If you’re looking for a bit of summer romance, these festival etiquette tips might help you help you on your way. We’re not making any promises though…


Know at least a little about music: Don’t be made to look like a musical cretin by the person you’re attempting to chat up. If you’re not there solely for the music then at least become affiliated with a few acts on the lineup. How awkward would it be if you were at Leeds fest and you didn’t know who Carl Barât is?




Don’t get TOO drunk: This one is important. We all know that a little dutch courage is integral to being sociable and we’re not saying don’t get drunk but really, who’s gonna want to kiss you if you vomit on their jumper?



Bring backup: The whole wingman/wingwoman thing seems a little clichéd but it can work wonders. Sometimes you need a little help in convincing someone that you’re a pilot or that your band once supported The Maccabees.



Doesn’t be a festival fashion stereotype: You know, the decorative bindi is traditionally meant to represent the mind’s eye and is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration? Unfortunately it loses some of its cultural significance when it’s glued onto a drunk lasses head in the dance tent.



Share your alcohol: Sharing is caring. If you’ve managed to sneak an evian bottle full of vodka into the arena by hiding it in your wellies then it is a truly romantic gesture to offer to share it with someone else.



Keep a degree of personal hygiene: Rules are very different at a festival, it is socially acceptable to not shower everyday. The thing is, you don’t want to smell like a vagrant so deodorant and a handy set of babywipes are a must.



… And finally, don’t ever, EVER be this person-



By Ford Maddox Brown