Electric Daisy Carnival - we just can't get enough!

Electric Daisy Carnival is a one day affair!


The festival:

Tired of the same old festival vibe? The classic staging and lighting that live gigs have taught us to know so well? Looking for something a little bit more excessive and exciting? Look no further. There is no other festival which puts as much emphasis on its staging and showmanship as Electric Daisy Carnival does. This year, the festival is opening its doors for the third time, on Saturday 11th July in Milton Keynes. And what’s the one thing we always say about one day festivals? An excuse to pack three days’ worth of drinking and partying into one day! Electric Daisy Carnival is not just about offering an amazing selection of live music, but also, providing its attendee’s with the show of a life time. Trust me, your eyes will never have been exposed to anything quite like it.


Electric Daisy Carnival showcases not just some of the most popular acts in dance and electronic music today, but also, some fresh new talent for you to add to your list of artists you’ve heard of but your friends probably haven’t. This is a festival which understands the importance of introducing fresh new faces to the public. It definitely offers a selection worth seeing! Not to mention, some of the huge headliners who are at the top of the electronic and dance scenes at the moment. Tiesto? Steve Aoki? Sigma? You’d be a complete fool to miss this. These are some of the biggest and best current performers who truly need no introduction. If you can think of a more exciting way to spend your Saturday, please do enlighten me. Some of the other, equally as talented names taking the stages at EDC include Art Department, Carnage and Claude VonStroke. Each of these artists, along with the others set to perform add a completely different sound and style to the mix. Huge electronic music fan? This is one festival you need to be at this summer. Or, maybe you’re not familiar with any of the artists listed above? (Where have you been?!) Let EDC completely change your view of dance music.


Let’s talk staging. As I mentioned before, this festival goes to new extremes to provide you with a completely psychotic, psychedelic feast for your eyes. Electric Daisy Carnival has four unique stages, each providing a different vibe, atmosphere and style of music to festival goers. Fancy losing it to some techno music? Head over to the neonGARDEN stage. Described as a “brightly coloured garden of delights” you literally aren’t going to know where to look. Maybe you’re one of those people who spent a week of their life learning to shuffle from YouTube tutorials, and are looking for an excuse to showcase your best moves to a bit of electro-house? For the first time, the KineticFIELD stage can offer you with this opportunity. I can promise you now, you’ve never seen anything like it. Take a moment from your body popping/grinding/whatever it is that you’re in to, to appreciate the truly incredible staging in front of you. Three words my friends: Giant. Purple. Owls. No, you’re not tripping. They really are there. EDC also offers the circuitGROUNDS stage for lovers of Drum and Base, and last but certainly not least, cosmicMEADOW, where well known headliners will be performing throughout the day and night. Which stage will be your favourite?


Other Entertainment:

As you may have realised from the show stealing staging, Electric Daisy Carnival is not simply about the music. There are plenty of other exciting activities to keep you entertained when you’re not too busy staring into the glistening LED eyes of the giant purple owls. EDC describes itself as being “mecca for creative minds” and I could not agree more. Everything, right down to the tiniest of details is so mesmerizingly beautiful. And you just know that once you’ve had a few beers, things are only going to get more emotional for you. It happens. Feast your eyes on the large-scale art instillations all around the grounds of the festival, merging together light, fire, glass and metal into some truly spectacular sights. Also dotted around the place you’ll find a selection of circus performers and dancers, all providing you with even further entertainment. EDC truly spoils you for choice.

Why Electric Daisy?

If the idea of partying with Steve Aoki and the rest of the eclectic line-up, the phenomenal staging and the exceptional forms of other entertainment aren’t enough for you, I’m going to make the assumption that you’re insane. Plus, Electric Daisy Carnival is a one day affair! Which means more people, more excitement, more dancing and more drinking all crammed into 24 hours, with the added bonus of no camping in a slightly soggy tent which just doesn’t want to be erected. Everyone wins with EDC.



Ticket prices are cheap for this one. Perks of a one day festival! Grab one here!

By Lauren Chassebi