Feel the Boom with Boomtown Fair


The City

One of the main reasons that I love festivals so much is the form of escapism they offer. A festival is a chance to leave behind the drab world of work, school and soberness that we all know far too well, and to tumble into a completely new dimension for a few days. Festivals try hard to offer people this, and no festival offers you a whole new world, or should I say, City, in the way that Boomtown Fair does. Chapter 7 of Boomtown will be opening its pages to the public from the 13th – 16th August at Matterley Estate in Winchester, and is something that every single person should experience at least once in their life. However, don’t hold me responsible when by the Sunday, you find yourself clinging to the nearest tree refusing to leave the crazy new world you’ve stumbled upon.

Don’t Miss a Thing

Where most festivals stick to the same theme each year, Boomtown does things a little differently. Wild Western, Mayfair Mayhem and OldTown Oddities are just a few of the themes which the nine different districts of Boomtown will be covering in 2015. Boomtown Fair say that “all who enter the city become a character in the ever evolving story”, so pick your player and get involved. This is a weekend where whoever or whatever you want to be, you can be it. Festival goers are encouraged to delve as far as they can into Boomtown, as the further you go, the more you discover.

This isn’t your usual festival, where seeing who can get the most drunk off of Asda’s own brand vodka is the most interesting late night activity available. Boomtown has so much more to offer in the form of entertainment. Why not head to Grandma’s Living Room and have a dance on her paisley print sofas? Never thought you’d hear that line in an article about a dub festival right? But seriously, it’s a reality at Boomtown Fair. Or maybe you’d rather take a trip to the Church of the Sturdy Virgin, and watch a blood binding, or maybe an exorcism? Yep, also something which can be experienced at the festival. There are so many weird and wonderful things to discover at Boomtown that your senses are 100% going to go into overdrive. But that’s all part of the fun, right? If you’re interested in finding out a bit more about each of the districts at Boomtown this year, the team have put together some videos on each of them right here!

The Line-up

With an eclectic mix of dub, roots, jungle and many more genres of artists, the line-up for this festival is pretty extensive. I could sit here and tell you every single one of the 500+ acts who will be performing at Boomtown, but really, who has the time for that. We would be here until August. With nine different districts, you’ve probably gathered by now that the amount of stages on offer is going to be insane. Down every street and tucked away in every corner you’ll find a new and exciting act to keep you entertained. Just a few of the big names who will be performing include Stephen Marley, Flogging Molly and Gogol Bordello. The headlining acts will all be taking centre stage in the Town Centre, however, if you fancy something a bit more alternative, there are plenty of options. Why not head over The Wild West and watch some amazing acts in The Old Mines? Or maybe you’re looking for a bit more culture? Head over to ChinaTown and see what their various stages have to offer. Whatever you’re looking for, Boomtown will surely provide it in the excessively amazing style they’re so well known for.

Why Boomtown?

If I haven’t already sold this festival to you, I’m worried about you. I truly am. At Boomtown, there is something for everyone. Not only are you getting to enjoy more live music than you’ve probably ever experienced in one weekend, you also get to become a part of a new world for a short period of time. This is a world where anything is acceptable, even getting wildly drunk and completely forgetting which streets you’ve already explored and which you haven’t. The Telegraph say that “The entire concept is bonkers and the term ‘city’ no exaggeration”. This is truly different to any festival you’ve ever experienced, I promise. Get lost in the weird world of Boomtown Fair. This is one weekend you will not forget.


Boomtown Fair only has a quarter of its tickets left, so do not miss out! Buy one here!

By Lauren Chassebi