Nozstock The Hidden Valley (The Return)

- Nozstock The Hidden Valley returns for its 17th year this July in Herefordshire!


- Fuse ODG joins the bill with new live artists including the Neville Staple Band, 

Will and The People, Mouse Outfit ft Dr Syntax & Sparkz, By The Rivers, The 

Computers, Will Joseph Cook, Clarence Clarity and many more, with P 

Money, Mad Professor, Chimpo, Reggae Roast and lots more DJs and MCs .


-Seann Walsh headlines Laughing Stock, with Mark Simmons, Andrew 

Maxwell, Mike Wozniack, Brett Goldstein, Spencer Jones, Pat Cahill and 

many more.


- They join the already announced Wu Tang Clan, Martha Reeves & the 

Vandellas, Hollie Cook, Molotov Jukebox, Electric Swing Circus, Mr B The 

Gentleman Rhymer, Beans on Toast, Skinny Lister and a huge cast of talent.

- Nozstock serves up some amazing dance music from Beardyman, DJ Hype, 

Ed Rush & Optical, Congo Natty, Dillinja, Ed Solo, Deekline, Uncle Dugs and 

 Hospitality hosts London Elektricity, Etherwood, Danny Byrd, Metrik, Krakota 

& Dynamite MC.


-Theme for 2015 is Nozstocker’s Guide to The Galaxy, Nozstock’s films and documentaries also released.

- Family fun and crafts still to be announced, plus lots more acts to come

-2014 highlights video: v=_awSU6NXlSU 

-Nozstock runs from Fri 24th – Sun 26th July 2015 – check 



Nozstock The Hidden Valley has just announced its next round of artists, comedians and 

more appearing at the festival in July. Entering its 17th year this summer, Nozstock is one of 

the UK’s longest running odysseys, a charming and inherently grass roots festival set on a 

beautiful working farm in Herefordshire. Nozstock embraces a vast range of sounds and 

styles, encompassing pop, ska, folk, funk, soul, indie, drum and bass, psytrance, house and 

more, as well as a carefully curated showcase for arts, comedy, poetry, workshops and 

cinema, flowing from family-friendly festival by day to electrifying party by night over various 

customised venues across the idyllic farm. 


Ella Nosworthy, one of Nozstock’s founders, says: “We are ecstatic with our 2015 line up. 

We really feel this is a step up for us in terms of the amazing names we are bringing to 

Bromyard. Fuse ODG is a great addition to Wu-Tang Clan and Martha Reeves & The 

Vandellas, as well as the huge range of artists, DJs and comedians who are set to make it a 

really magical year.” 


Nozstock is thrilled to announce Fuse ODG. An Urban Music Awards - Best Artist winner, 

Fuse ODG is a UK-based musician who reached number one in the iTunes World Chart, 

cementing his status as the first Ghanaian musician in history to achieve such a feat. Fuse 

ODG is the pioneer of the TINA – This Is New Africa - movement. The Ghana Music award 

nominee works with young people helping them to explore their artistic dreams.

Further new names include the Neville Staple Band featuring the original rudeboy with 

sterling credentials, including touring with The Specials and being a part of the formative 

1970s sound system scene; Neville’s vocal style is to chant over a rhythm and he is sure to 

have Nozstock rocking. With style and hair vaguely reminiscent of late 80’s cult films, Will 

and the People are set to bring the whole indie package to the Orchard Stage. This quirky 

quartet epitomizes the sound of the summer, with far-reaching harmonies and folksy guitar 

riffs. Manchester’s miscreants and flow-heavy bass masters The Mouse Outfit ft Dr Syntax 

& Sparkz are gracing Nozstock with their infamous sound, stirring jazz, ragga, ska, dub and 

B Boy Funk into a seamless base of classic hip-hop beats. By the Rivers are a self-

dubbed ‘cross pollinated reggae’ group hailing from Leicester, where post-Glastonbury they 

were labelled by the BBC as one of the ‘top 5 future stars of the Pyramid stage.’ They make 

a very welcome return to Nozstock. And The Computers are heralded as the saviours of 

soul, heavy-weight champions of classic rock n' roll with a romantic fusion of soul and blues 

which is as sharp as their quiffs.


Rebecca Clements is already adored by BBC Introducing, her impassioned live show 

brimming with genuine magic and already she is heralded as one to watch in 2015. Will 

Joseph Cook is a 17-year old singer-songwriter showing great maturity beyond his years 

with his impressive lyrical skills. Clarence Clarity hails the arrival of a deranged, dervish of 

creativity and is one of the most exciting newcomers on the scene, whilst Welsh group 

White Noise Sound introduce their metronomic, hypnotic onslaught of melody, groove and 

exploration which goes far beyond the standard tropes of psychedelia. 

An integral part of Nozstock is its comedy venue – Laughing Stock. Side-splitting surrealism 

and observational comedic genius are on offer here from some amazing household names 

and a new breed of flourishing talent. Headliner Seann Walsh effortlessly combines humour 

and real life scenarios which has seen him as a regular on Mock The Week, Never Mind the 

Buzzcocks and Virtually Famous. By poking holes in everyday situations, he has been 

described by The Guardian as 'unquestionably the best observational comic of his 

generation.' Mark Simmons has the same passion for puns as Tim Vine; if you think of 

Tim’s quick-fire punnery you will love Mark in full flow. Andrew Maxwell is adept at making 

shrewd political observations; he has won several major awards including Best Irish 

Comedian at the Awards.  The much-acclaimed Mike Wozniak is known as 

a comedian, writer, actor and voice artist appearing in Channel 4’ Man Down, with writer 

credits on shows such as Radio 4’s The News Quiz and his own show Take the Hit,  which 

was nominated for the 2013 Edinburgh comedy award. Comedian, writer and actor Brett 

Goldstein landed a role in Channel 4’s hit series Derek and his award winning show 

Contains Scenes of an Adult Nature has received rave reviews. The Bafta-award winning 

Spencer Jones, previous Chortles’ Best Newcomers Pat Cahill and absurdist humourist 

John Kearns are joined by Matt Highton Joe Davies, Joz Norris, Lee Kern, Ross Lee, 

Jarred Christmas, Joey Page and Jayde Adams.

Back to the music, and P Money is a Grime MC from South London and one of the founding 

members of the OGz crew. He has been in MTV’s list of the best UK MCs and toured with 

English rapper Example. P Money is joined by Chimpo, Sam Binga & Redders, Blazey, 

Jaydrop, TS2W, FireManSam, Remidy and Koast in the Bullpen on Friday, as Bristol big-

beat collective The Blast take over. With a mash up of Dubstep, Garage, Grime, 3 step, 

Basscore and Funky, Tumble Audio will also be taking up hosting duties in The Bullpen on 

Friday with a line up showcasing Deadbeat UK, Killjoy, Hadean, Hank Limit and Sergic & 

Lyka.  Saturday in The Bullpen welcomes the leading light in the resurgence of the UK Dub 

Reggae scene as Reggae Roast take over hosting duties.  The 3-man sound system are 

gaining a reputation as key players in the new wave of British Reggae. Their line up includes 

Mad Professor, who is one of the leading producers in dub reggae’s second generation, 

plus Adam Prescott and Donovan Kingjay. And Sika Studios return to transform The 

Bullpen into a Hip Hop Squat for Saturday night and Sunday; they welcome a sterling line up 

of Deadly Hunta, Klashnekoff, Devilman, Leaf Dog + BVA Split Prophets, Tenchoo, and 

The Wrong Directions Cinetent is an audio-visual sanctuary for the weary traveller. From 

informative documentaries to cinema classics, Nozstockers can reset their cultural compass 

with an array of quality shorts. Programme includes Metropolis, The Empire Strikes Back 

– Uncut, The Journeys of Georges Méliès (1896 – 1913), Plan 9 from Outer Space, Cat 

Show, White Panther: The Legacy of John Sinclair, MOOG: Back to The Future, The 

Dust on Our Feet, TPBAFK: The Pirate Bay - Away From Keyboard, Buy Buy Europe, 

The Internet’s Own Boy, Sculpture - Video Plot, Jake Fried, Opening, Fireball XL5, 

Superman, This Is China, Sydonia and Lights On.


Nozstock The Hidden Valley has nine stages and is set around a ramshackle Tudor 

farmhouse. The Orchard Stage is set on the side of the gently sloping valley; alongside the 

farmhouse is The Garden Stage, which provides a more eclectic lineup, turning electronic by 

sundown, whilst a converted cowshed, The Cubicles, pushes out sub-thumping bass to the 

early hours. The Dingle hosts much of Nozstock’s alternative art activities; a theatre, cinema, 

pop-up workshops, secret venues, circus, poetic encounters and a dedicated kids area.

Nozstock is truly home-grown and hand-made – quite literally in fact, with a sizeable group 

of grass-roots supporters helping to create the themed environment each summer, painting 

signs by hand and building original artworks from scratch. This is the quintessentially British 

festival – a little bit eccentric, a lot of fun; full of wonder, curiosities and a touch of magic.




@ Rowden Paddocks, Bromyard, Herefordshire, HR7 4LS kthehiddenvalley

Nozstock – The Hidden Valley

Friday 24th – Sunday 26th July 2015 

Tickets from £105 / @Nozstock



Live line up so far: Wu Tang Clan, Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, Fuse ODG, Neville 

Staple Band, Beardyman, Hollie Cook, Molotov Jukebox, Will and The People, By The 

Rivers, The Mouse Outfit ft. Dr Syntax & Sparkz, The Computers, Electric Swing Circus, Mr 

B The Gentleman Rhymer, Beans on Toast, Skinny Lister, Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon, Mr 

Woodnote & Eva Lazarus, Gypsy Hill, Solko, Sounds of Harlowe,  Keston Cobblers Club, 

The Black Tambourines, Broken Brass Ensemble, Rebecca Clements, Will Joseph Cook, 

Clarence Clarity, Hannah Lou Clark, Harry David, Lisbee Stainton, Sean Grant, Peluché, 

Arkon Fly, Jurassic Pop, The Stiff Joints, Disco Panther, Tantz, Granville Sessions, Jolta, 

Future Dub Project, CryptoChrome, Red Eye Hi Fi, Captain Accident and The Disasters, The 

Anomalies, Cut Capers, Ella Martini, Afrocluster, Last Tree Squad, Benji Tranter and The 

Well Adjusted Individuals, Poor Old Dogs, Red Soul, Harri Davies, White Noise Sound, 

House of Lions, Daniel Glover, Evenu, Disraeli Gears, Gobow, Broken Fires, Circe’s Diner, 

Rozelle, Black Persuasion, Inscape, Doghouse, Heil Zilla, Hot Dog Grrl, HMS Morris, 

Ladyskins, Mook, Musicpool, Meg Bradley, Sea Cow, SHAW, Keygreen, Raptor & more.

DJ line up so far: DJ Hype, Hospitality featuring London Elektricity, Etherwood, Danny 

Byrd, Metrik, Krakota, Dynamite MC. Also Ed Rush and Optical, Dillinja, Congo Natty, Ed 

Solo, Deekline, Uncle Dugs, Ratpack, Slipmatt, Kenny Ken, Billy Daniel Bunter, Dead 

Players with Jam Baxter, Dabbla and Ghost Town, Smokey Joe & The Kid, Ruffnek Diskotek 

w/Dub Boy & Tenja, Dutty Inspectors and Ghost Writerz, JMan, NLP, Sika Studios featuring 

Deadly Hunta, Klashenkoff, Devilman, Leaf Dog + BVA, Split Prophets, Tenchoo, Team 

Dreebs, Reggae Roast featuring Mad Professor, Adam Prescott, Donovan Kingjay,  The 

Blast featuring P Money, Chimpo, Sam Binga & Redders, Blazey, Jaydrop, TS2W, 

FireManSam,  Remidy M,C, Koast, Tumble Audio featuring Deadbeat UK, Killjoy, Hadean, 

Hank Limit, Sergic & Lyka, Octo Pi, Scope, Modify Perspective, Trafic M.C, Nozstock 

Speakeasy featuring Electric Ballroom Promotions, Swingmajig and Ragtime Records with 

Wolfie Razzmatazz, Madam Electrifie, C@ In The H@, Jenova Collective, Clan Dextine, F 

Block, Velocity Raptor, M.O.B,  Alexa Maria, Jitterbug, Stick ‘n’ Mix, Jaxon, Basschimp, Mr 

Jay, Sir Jasper, Zest FX, Billy Chillfingers, Tribe of Frog featuring Brainiac, Asimilon, 

Psymmetrix, Occular, Geo, Zini, Pieman, Hemp, F’da F’da, Wicki, Pickle, Dr. G, Psychosonic 

Comedy, Theatrics & Cinema so far: Seann Walsh, Mark Simmons, Andrew Maxwell, 

Mike Wozniack, Brett Goldstein, Spencer Jones, Pat Cahill, John Kearns, Matt Highton, Joe 

Davies, Joz Norris, Jayde Adams, Lee Kern, Joey Page, Ross Lee, Jarred Christmas, Matt 

Cummins, RikTheMost, Caroline Teague, Katie Bonna, Sara Hirsch, Joel Auterson, El Crisis, 

Clik Clik Collective, Glatze, Collective Unconscious, The Pink Diamond Revue, Collective 

43, Trio Diabolique, Heather Wastie, Funky Navigation, Steff Work, Dan Bramhall, Jim Dale, 

Hummadruz U.V Circus, The Fetch, Ras King Bobo I, Skytribe, Puppetual Motion, Lucy 

Hunt,  Jake McCormick, Suzy Conrad, Troupe, Arty Farty, The Fabulous Unicorns, The 

Black Hole, Ballz Out Circus, Metropolis, The Empire Strikes Back – Uncut, The Journeys of 

Georges Melies, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Cat Show, White Panther: The Legacy of John 

Sinclair, MOOG: Back to The Future, The Dust on Our Feet, The Pirate Bay – Away From 

Keyboard, Buy Buy Europe, The Internets Own Boy, Sculpture – Video Plot, Jake Fried, 

and many more tba.

Opening, Fireball XL5, Superman, This Is China, Sydonia, Lights On.



Nozstock thanks its supporters and partners:

The Association of Independent Festivals  //  Attitude is Everything  //  Burgoynes  //  Data 

Transmission  //  Camplight  //  EdwardoTech  //  Electric Ballroom Promotions  //  MASH 

Cinema  //  Hospitality  //  The Music Pool //  Swingamajig //  The Blast  //  Oliver’s Cider & 

Perry  //  Ragtime Records  //  Reggae Roast // Tribe of Frog  //  Tumble Audio // Yippee 

Yurts  //  Wye Valley Brewery  //  University of Birmingham  //  Sika Studios  //  The Chicken 

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