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Rewind Scotland (Perth)

Did somebody say spandex?

When someone says ‘eighties’, what do you think of? Brat Pack movies, leg warmers, awful perms and the way Olivia Newton John looked in those disco pants. These are just a handful of the things which cross my mind, as well as a burning wish that I could somehow go back and spend a day in the rainbow coloured world of the 1980s. Being born in the nineties meant I unfortunately never got the opportunity to experience all the wonders which the previous decade had to offer. Although I can’t actually hop into a time machine, Rewind Scotland, an eighties throwback festival taking place from the 24th to 26th July, perhaps offers the next best thing. Whether you’re a true eighties kid still desperately trying to make spandex and velour work, or just an envious nineties kid like me, why not head over to Scone Palace, Perth, and give Rewind Scotland a try.