Dot to Dot Festival

Dot to Dot festival

Dot to Dot is a festival which is really catering for the masses, spreading itself across three different venues in three different major cities across the UK; Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham. Rather than having the artists in rotation throughout all three venues across the three days, which other festivals such as Reading and Leeds tend to do, Dot to Dot puts on virtually the same line up (obviously there are some exceptions to the rule, we can’t have everything right?) in each location over a one day schedule. So whichever you choose to attend, be prepared for a bombardment of amazing talent, without the need to wait for three days to see it all. This will however mean that you may find yourself going through an internal conflict, desperately trying to figure out how on earth you’re going to find the time to see all of the amazing talent they have to offer in just one day. Seriously, talk about Sophie’s Choice.

Why choose Dot do Dot?

This year is Dot to Dot’s tenth birthday, and things have only got bigger and better over the last decade, allowing this year to have potential to be the greatest Dot to Dot festival to date. This year, the festival boasts that it is showcasing its most eclectic and biggest line up ever, and considering their previous line ups have been made up of huge worldwide acts, we’re talking the likes of The 1975, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Years and years to name just a few, Dot to Dot 2015 is not going to be an occasion to miss. Winner of ‘Best Metropolitan Festival 2013’ at the UK Festival Awards, this is a festival which is only going up.



Put those wellies away

Dot to Dot runs across the bank holiday weekend of Friday 22nd to Sunday the 24th May, so basically, even those of you from Nottingham who are attending the Sunday event have zero excuse to not get insanely drunk and go absolutely wild. A one day festival is just an excuse to pack all the excitement of a three day festival into twelve hours, with the added relief of not having to end the day stumbling through field after field of identical looking tents, desperately trying to locate your temporary home. Oh, and you can definitely forget the wellies for this one too. In fact, let Dot to Dot change your view of festivals in general. Forget wading through mud and getting drenched while half-heartedly trying to watch your favourite act, grimacing as flooded fields attempt to swallow your feet. Dot to Dot offers the luxury of being an indoor festival, placing its stages in various venues and locations throughout each city. A festival without the gross temporary toilets and distinct farm smell? I’ll take tickets to all three days please.

Line up

So what can be expected of Dot to Dot? It sells itself as an indie, electro and alternative music festival. Sounds pretty promising so far, right? There are some seriously big names appearing on the stages for this one. Be prepared to be completely spoiled for choice. Saint Raymond are headlining, supported by some huge names like Swim Deep, Hudson Taylor, Rhodes, Ray Morris, and too many more to even list. What is commendable about Dot to Dot festival is the variation in their routine choice of acts, mixing some of the biggest names in modern music with some of the freshest emerging talent of the year. You’ll leave the festival not only satisfied with the fact that you’ve been able to see some of the UK’s most amazing current talent, but hopefully with a few new names under your belt to impress all your friends with. Because these guys are set to make it big, trust me. Jake Bugg was a performer last year, showcasing his talent in one of the smallest venues of the festival, and just look at him now. This is your chance to be that pretentious guy who “knew that band before they were big.” That guy we all love to hate. You know the one.


Be part of the tenth anniversary spectacular.

Tickets are still available at: ot-to-dot-festival-tickets

By Lauren Chassebi