Nass Festival

NASS Festival

If you’re looking for a festival which isn’t just about the music this summer, then NASS festival may be the one for you. This is not a festival for the faint hearted, selling itself as “the UK’s biggest action sport and music festival”, offering not only a huge line up, but also a BMX and skateboarding championship. So if you’re looking for a relaxing weekend, maybe this isn’t the festival for you, but if you’re up for three days packed with incredible live sport and music action that you won’t see anywhere else, make yourself comfortable and keep on reading. NASS is all about keeping it lively, providing one of the best atmosphere’s a UK festival has to offer.

Getting down and dirty

The festival takes place in Somerset, just outside of Bath. People from Somerset will know that around that area, there are new definitions for the word ‘countryside’. We’re talking cows and other forms of livestock roaming around near your tent. But it all adds to the experience, right? What’s better than getting away from the bustle of everyday life for a bit and getting back to the good old countryside?

Oh, and another added bonus: we’ve all been to one of those festivals. You’ve had a couple of drinks and everybody is in high spirits ready to leave the campsite. You want to be in the front row of the crowds belting out the words along with your favourite artist, like, immediately. There’s just one tiny thing keeping you from that. That long walk from your campsite to the stages which literally feels like MILES in your slightly intoxicated state. Well forget about it. There’s none of that at NASS. The entire festival grounds covers a relatively small vicinity, meaning a much more intimate feeling than many festivals offer, and much happier feet.

Line up

NASS festival covers three days, running from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th July, with some huge names headlining each day. This year, the festival reckons they’ve got the best line up they’ve ever had. Not bad. If you’re not a fan of drum and base and rock music, make sure you pack a pair of earphones, because there’s going to be a lot of it. The main performers are set to be massive, with huge names like Enter Shikari, Rebel Sound and Public enemy headlining across the three days. Too good to be true already, right? Wait, it gets better. There are dozens more amazing acts and DJs across the weekend. So many that you’ll find yourself struggling to decide who to watch, and will definitely be frantically running between stages at some point in the weekend. Wilkinson, Lower than Atlantis and Lethal Bizzle are just a few of the talented names who’ll be gracing the stages, not to mention some amazing lesser known talent.

Who’s this Tony Hawk?

So let’s talk about the sport. There’s only a few minor sports names who’re going to be there… Tony Hawk and the Birdhouse team to drop just a couple. Who’s Tony Hawk? Oh, only the biggest skateboard star of our generation. No seriously, I’m sure even your grandma has heard of him. NASS prides itself on not only providing a memorable weekend of music, but offering the UKs biggest annual skateboard event, and the sport talent to go with it, not to mention a £12,500 prize up for grabs.... where can I sign up?! A festival which offers an array of sport entertainment in the day, and three nights of incredible live D&B and Rock music. Seriously, what could be better? NASS says that “There's nowhere else in the UK where you can witness this level of skateboarding”. Sounds like a pretty big deal. This line up of incredible skate stars seems set to make skateboard history.


NASS has recently been coined as the underdog of music festivals, and I can definitely see why. There aren’t many festivals which can offer such a variety of top sport and music stars. Its sister festival Boardmasters is certainly a contender here, however, offers more of a relaxed, beach vibe than you’d find anywhere at NASS. In comparison to the bigger and more well-known festivals, such as Reading and Leeds, NASS’s music line up isn’t so extensive, however, this shouldn’t matter! Choose NASS for the amazing atmosphere, for the eclectic mix of music and sport, and most importantly, for a festival like no other you’ll have ever experienced.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the action!

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By Lauren Chassebi