It’s Acceptable at the 80’s Festival

 It’s Acceptable at the 80’s Festival


The folks of the 80’s witnessed the birth of dance and pop music. If you’re craving an MJ-like, thrilling time this summer, Rewind festival is the place to be to satisfy your inner 80’s persona. With three different locations, there’s no excuse for you not to pack your those Dirty Dancing moves we know you’ve got and emerge into a weekend from the decade of Gremlins and jelly shoes.



To kick the festival off, the first location is in Scone Palace, Perth, Scotland on the 24th-26th of July. Holding the record for the worlds most successful girl band, Bananarama headline Saturday’s music besides Howard Jones and The Orchestra starring E.L.O former members. Let’s hope they bring out Mr Blue Sky out so you can rewind to the 80’s in the sun. On August 7th-9th, Rewind is heading North to Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire. Steve Augeri will hopefully belt out Don’t Stop Believing and Kim Wilde will bring Kids in America to England. She’s been to Rewind before and plans on continuing her reign as the Princess of Pop.If you honestly can’t make either of those, you have one last change. Get yourself South to Temple Islands Meadows, Henley-On-Thames on August 21st-23rd. When the Going Gets Tough, Billy Ocean will be there to help you relax with his relaxing mid-eighties vocal chords. Or if the 80’s movie, Pretty Woman, is more your thing, Go West will surely sing King Of Wishful Thinking to remind you of Richard Gere’s smile…



Most of the acts are performing in each location, however if you look carefully, you might see one that’s only attending one, so be sure to choose wisely. If in doubt, what’s the harm in going to all three? I’m sure you will crave the eighties vibe after each weekend, so go wild and get your tickets.

There are two options for sleeping at the festival. All you need to do is ask yourself one simple question. Are you a camper or a glamper? Camping is not for the faint hearted, it should come with an official warning ‘Expect strong wafts from the port-a-loos while sleeping’. However it’s traditional and must be done at least once in your life. Or, Like A Camping Virgin, stick to some familiarity and skip the fighting for the perfect spot and book a furnished, ready to go tent. Each location offers both, so you can sleep how it suits you.

Festival food is nothing like Mums cooking. You’re usually stuck with the options of greasy, fried chips, or mountains of candyfloss. At Rewind, they provide ‘Posh nosh’ and no, it won’t make your bank balance cry. Instead of the greasy chips, they offer chunky chips with homemade wicked dips and freshly made donuts. Seafood, Mediterranean and grilled meat are also available. Is your stomach rumbling? Mouth watering? Thought so.


If you fancy doing something else, other then listen to live music (how can anyone walk away from live music?) Rewind are bringing a silent disco with two separate DJ’s. If you’ve never witnessed a mate busting a move out of sync to you, please go to this tent. It will make you wet yourself. Another disco, which is very original, is the Star Wash; a human carwash disco. At all three locations, you can also get a shower out of this- winning!


So polish your glitter balls, bring out your afro-wigs and complete that Rubik’s cube, because Rewind festival is ready to take you back to the 80’s. You can get your tickets here tickets. There are camping tickets and non-camping tickets for adults and children as well as the individual day tickets if you just fancy a day out. A camping weekend ticket for an adult is £122.50. Not bad for two full days of music, eh? Check out photos and see who else is going at -s-rewind-festival.



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By Hannah Williams