South West Four Weekender

August bank holiday is the one where everybody and their grandma’s get dolled up and attend a club or bar. It usually ends up with your hair a mess, streaky fake tan and a doner kebab in your hand and there’s nothing wrong with a classy night out. But spending 2015’s August bank holiday somewhere different this year won’t make your stomach miss out on that kebab too much.South West Four Weekender takes over Clapham Common on the 29th and 30th of August. It will transform from a family friendly park to a crazy Ibiza-style club land. If you’ve never been to Ibiza and want a taste, this is the place to go guys.



The one to fist pump to your hearts desire on Saturday is headliner, Fatboy Slim. Seriously, Cook is a classic dance DJ boasting two Brit Awards who even our parents respect. Joining him across five stages that day is Pete Tong (DJ legend) and the stunning Hannah Wants. It’s great to see a sexy female DJ for a change and boy that gals got some talent.Sunday boasts Carl Cox; the house DJ, who at 52, can still keep up with the young ravers of 2015. He’s a crowd-pleasing machine and keeps everyone wide-awake, jumping up and down with big grins across their faces; a bit like Tigger. Someone younger who is climbing his way to dance history is Martin Garrix. Don’t be put off by the rosy cheeks and the 18 year old baby face, his track ‘Animals’ peaked at number 1 in Belgium and the UK.


Some my find ditching the heels on a bank holiday too traumatising, so you can compromise with heeled wellingtons (yes there’s such a thing) or heeled sandals. No worry of snapping your delicate 5-inch heel in a cobble or sinking in the mud. Plus you can still go for the Amy Childs orange fake tan if you desire, or just a bronzed glow, if that’s more your style.If rolling over in the middle of the night coming face to face with a sheep or a pool of wet mud isn’t your style, you’re in luck. SW4 doesn’t offer tent sleeping, but hotel packages for the one night if you’re planning on attending both days. Yes, the luxury of a real toilet that flushes your waste and it actually disappears! You can also shower the sweat and dried mud off from Saturday and look fresh for the Sunday, and a full sized mirror to re-apply the multi-coloured dots of UV face paint all over your body.


Seen the movie ‘It’s All Gone Pete Tong’? That’s how you’ll feel on the Monday; the puking and huge icicle of snot hanging out of your nose from the movie will be a replica of you. But you will agree that loosing your SW4 virginity was 110% worth it. Plus, there’s probably somewhere to satisfy your stomach, finishing it off with that traditional your bank holiday weekend kebab you know you want.



By Hannah Williams