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Radio 1's Big Weekend

As big weekends go this one is rather colossal. Take that time you got so drunk that you ended up belting out a rendition of Elton John`s Tiny Dancer, times it by 100 and that's how awesome this weekend will be, minus the humiliation and the hangover (maybe).To give you some idea of the scale I'd say It's probably about as big as Taylor's backstage Ryder maybe even as big as Snoops entourage and most definitely as big as Grimmy`s hair. So like I said, pretty huge.

This year sees the festival making it's debut in the city of Norwich on the 23rd and the 24th May in Earlham Park. A beautiful country park slap bang in the middle of Norfolk, often associated with cruising around on the Norfolk Broads. If you’re really lucky you may catch Olly Murs floating about in his paddle boat, although I wouldn't hold your breath. Otherwise you can find him along with a load others on the Main Stage.


A Big Line-up

There are three stages at Big Weekend, The biggie being the Main Stage which on Saturday will see performances from 5SOS, Muse, Ben Howard and Fall Out Boy amongst others. On Sunday headlining the Main Stage will be Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, George Ezra and The Foo Fighters and that's just for starters. On the New Music We Trust stage we have performances from the likes of Years and Years, Snoop Dog, Sigma and Lower Than Atlantis. Plus the BBC introducing stage offers performances from lesser known artists including Youth Club and Hot Cops, also featuring up and coming local lads and lasses such as Harry Edwards, Kill It Kid and Franko Fraize. Big Weekend is the place to be this summer for the best new music and you get to see it first. 


The Academy

Radio 1 has the most amazing support for talented musicians trying to get their foot in the industry door, they help up and coming bands not only get their foot in the door but all the rest of them too. The festival itself has an `New music we trust` stage, which allows performers not so well known to take to the stage and perform to a massive live crowd. This year between Saturday 9th - Friday 15th of May Big Weekend and BBC learning are teaming up for the fourth year running to host a week of workshops, panels and live gigs. This includes a song writing master-class with Ella Eyre and the chance to make a music video with Greg James. If only education was this much fun, the most exciting to happen in my school was when the local mayor came to visit. There`s 7000 tickets available and the best part is they are completely free, the event is aimed at 16-19 year old`s who are looking to work in the industry and want to gain a bit of invaluable experience.


Tune in to get in!

If like me you weren't quite lucky enough to grab yourself a ticket then before you get yourself in a state and go all diva like on me there is still a way in! One that doesn't require 

you trying to distract security whilst your mate jumps the fence, it’s actually much simpler. All you have to do is tune in to Radio 1 for the chance to win yourself some tickets, 

there is of course a question which you will need to answer accompanied by heart pulsating, pressure building music, pretty standard stuff for the Radio. You get multiple chances every day in the lead up to the festival so just tune in morning till evening and give it a go. Waking up to the Nick Grimshaw isn't exactly a hard task is it? On the Radio of course! You have until Friday the 1st of May so get to it! Even If you don’t get tickets its not all doom and gloom I promise, just tune in to catch the highlights over the weekend and hey maybe even be grateful 

you don’t have to deal with the portaloos, every cloud ey.


Tickets for The Academy are still available at ing-info


By Sophie Black