Reading Festival 2015

So it’s that time again, the time of year when a multitude of party people queue up for the privilege of sitting in a damp, muddy field surrounded by thousands with the same end goal; to escape reality and enter a place of delirious inebriation, where it is fashionable to don the wackiest of outfits, to get creative with the makeup brush (yes even the guys), and where personal hygiene becomes a secondary issue. That’s right, the festival season is upon us! So ready that bum bag, prepare those wellies and prime that sleeping bag in anticipation of the alcohol-fuelled life-changing music experience that is to come!

So, the big question; where will you be pitching your tent this year? Well, I’d like to recommend Reading! The world’s oldest popular music festival still in existence and partner to the prominent Leeds Festival; sharing a bill of acts that perform across both venues on successive nights over the August Bank Holiday weekend. The pair have brought huge success for their promoter ‘Festival Republic’; winning numerous awards including ‘Best Festival’ by Rock Sound Awards in 2014 and NME in 2012. Formerly known as ‘Mean Fiddler’, the brand is seen to be the UK’s leader in the events and festivals field, having been largely credited with the creation of the music festival market seen in the country today; whilst also being home to some of the biggest rock shows on the planet, from Hove in Norway, to the Berlin Festival, to the multi-channelled Suffolk-based ‘Latitude.’


With six main stages providing the platform for a host of world-class artists, there is something for everyone at Reading. The likes of Mumford & Sons, Limp Bizkit, The Wombats, Ms Dynamite and self-proclaimed house band ‘Metallica’ (to name just a few) will all be gracing the Little John’s Farm arena at some point over the weekend; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are three silent tents available for those looking to party after curfew (or for those wanting to look like maniacs raving to a completely different song to their partner); and for the film buffs, there is a regular cinema available in the 1Xtra tent; whilst those that love to spin around until they puke should try out the on-site funfair. In the Action Aid tent, you’ll be treated to numerous activities by day, such as giant Jenga and table football, before resident DJ’s take you through to 3am; all in the aid of the charity ‘Bollocks to Poverty’, so you get to feel good about yourself too! Also, with a location close to town, it is easy enough to wander off site, top up your booze numbers, use clean toilets, get a fantastic cooked breakfast, or even eat a restaurant quality meal (though a sloppy, slightly overpriced burger is surely part of the festival feel!).


There are a variety of tickets on offer to suit many a budget and many a schedule, whether you’re looking to come for the whole weekend or just the day; for more information visit /tickets. Alternatively, why not get into the festival for free as a volunteer! To do this, simply visit /information/volunteer; and if you like what you see, get that application in!


By Calum Dewsbury