We’ve all had a cheeky drink down our local Whetherspoons, and trust me it isn’t that cheeky but somewhere you must visit is Walkabout. Walkabout is storming the UK and there seems to be popping up everywhere, abit like Josie Cunningham but we actually want the bar to stay … 

Walkabout – you won’t walk out

It’s a bar based on Australian spirit and gets the mix of being an ultimate party venue and a sport watching bar off to a tee. Famous for the party nights with a more relaxed vibe during the day, it’s a perfect place to meet your mates.

This is the Aussie way

Live like there's no tomorrow, laugh like never before and dance like no one is watching. Great food and drink and as they say they’re “always the life and soul of the party”. We’re pretty sure Nadia Almada also announced this in Big Brother back in 2004, but this time it’s the real deal. This is the Aussie way. This is Walkabout.

Bigger is better

They pride themselves on giving customers the best sporting experience and with the biggest plasma TV’s around, we agree. Well, anything that makes Beckham look bigger is great in our opinion. Some of the bars also have an area called the ‘Sport Shack’ which is a sound proof area dedicated to sport. Lads, you don’t have to hear giggling girls aswe gossip about Khloe Kardashians ever growing derriere and ladies, we don’t have to hear the men hollering and shouting over a ball. A plastic ball

You won’t find anything like it

If you hadn’t already guessed, this place aims to make you feel like you’re relaxing in the Australian outback. Therefore, you guessed it, they offer real Australian food and drink. If you’re the type of person that loves being the only one to have something or try something first (similar to a year 7 boy), then you’ll love the array of craft beers as they aren’t stocked anywhere else in the UK. World-renowned Australian wines, cocktails and spirits combined with unbeatable Aussie classics and high quality bar bites just put the cherry on top of a fantastic sundae.

Sing to rival Whitney

If you’re not already tying your laces and off to your local Walkabout, then when you read this you will be. Some of the bars, wait for it … have karaoke. Named ‘Sing Shack’ you can hire out your own private, soundproof area for you and your friends to celebrate a night out. They even come with food and drink packages. All the best singers are seen munching on a chicken wing half way through their set. 

Bring the bar to your front room

What other bar has its own online shop?! Walkabout does. Within a couple of clicks, you can have your favourite snacks and drinks from the bar at home. Guess what, you can even eat it on the sofa… 

Student Savers

If you’re a student, this place just keeps getting better and better. On Wednesdays we wear pink … okay no that’s Mean Girls but at Walkabout Wednesdays hold 2-4-1 offers all day on food AND drink. 2, 4 and 1 are our favourite numbers, except if it says 1-4-2. That isn’t a good deal. 

So to find your local check out =walkabout and remember to tell people you’re going! Check out their website and book a table and in true Gavin and Stacey style see what’s occurrin.

By Lucy Acton