Snowbombing Festival

Guys, Girls, ever fancied a road trip through Western Europe dressed as your favourite superhero, ripping up the Autobahn? That’s what happened on last years Snowbombing Road Trip. Why take a plane to Austria, when you can join the 150-strong high-octane road trip that tears through five different countries, including the country that has won the Eurovision more times than any other, Luxemburg. Obviously you can’t make that journey in one go (although some of you would probably want to be daring and try) meaning that you have to stop at the Hotel Novotel where you are treated to a buffet dinner followed by the Snowbombing Pit stop party which takes you late into the night. The next day is the final leg that takes you all the way to Mayrhofen where you are paraded through the streets in all your comical glory. Once you’ve parked up and dumped those bags off in your rooms, you can re-join your fellow road trippers for the arrival party. Who needs to take a plane when you can enjoy all that? 

That’s only the beginning.

Now its time for the reason you travelled all that way. The Snowbombing Festival itself. This host some of the hottest artists in music and the 2015 line up is no different with acts like Scrillex, FatBoy Slim and possible future James Bond, Idris Elba. Imagine listening to all that while being surrounded by snow, which leaves you with no excuse no to have a play. Whether you are an experienced skier or snowboarder or have never done it before in your life, Snowbombing caters for both. If you’ve done it before there are pistes for all levels and you’ll want to have a go at the intermediate and advanced slopes on offer. If you’ve seriously never touched a snowboard or set of skis then you’ll want to try out the lessons on offer. You can either join the main group lessons or you can get a group of friends and pay for a private lesson so that you get the best for your money. Even if you don’t want to ski or board, you will definitely want a lift pass so that you can relax up top with an ice-cold beer, enjoying the views that the mountains of Austria have to offer. Seriously what are you waiting for? Get your tickets ordered now.