10 ways to get served quicker at the bar

1. Make eye contact. This will grab the bartender’s attention and let them know you’re waiting to be served.

2. Try not to overdo it with an evil stare! A gentle smile is all you need to make you seem approachable.


3. Have your money at the ready however do not flash the cash! Bartenders hate it and you’ll find yourself waiting forever.​ 

4. Choose your position at the bar wisely. Standing between two bartenders means you have twice the chance of being served. 

5. It’s all about grabbing attention, so think tactically and try standing next to someone a bit shorter than you.

6. Or alternatively stand on a bar stool to become the tallest person waiting at the bar. 

7. Now once you’ve made it to the front of the bar be sure to put your hands there. This lets everyone know this territory is now yours. 

8. Don’t get distracted! Chatting to friends or taking a glimpse at the menu signals that you’re not ready to be served. Cue more waiting. 

9. Make sure you know what you want. Otherwise the bartender will be slipping away much like the words from your mouth!​ 

10. And if all the above fails, there’s always the traditional damsel in distress tactic - get help from someone who does get served quickly! 

By Georgina Mullany