Swansea Nightlife

Swansea, the coastal city of Wales with a buzzing nightlife come sunset. It boasts a varied selection of bars, pubs and clubs so there’s guaranteed to be something right up your street. Waste no time in getting to know Swansea’s nightlife because no-one’s ever just been there once! 

Swansea for students

Hordes of students gather in Swansea all year round because if you’re a student this is where you’ll want to be. Every night of the week there’s something to suit all tastes meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice and never have to consider the awful thought of staying in. Wind Street (pronounce wine not wind!) is well known for being the heart of Swansea’s nightlife, home to many popular chain bars including Yates, the perfect venue for student’s to start the night off right. We know money doesn’t grow on trees and so do they, offering jagerbombs/vodkabombs at just £1 each! A great deal if you can handle your drink, not so much for those who can’t.

Although who doesn’t like a good old sing a long in the valleys with a few of the locals? Found in the centre of Wind Street is Idols bar and breaks up the week by hosting Swansea’s premier midweek event every Wednesday. With DJ’s, a club room and a staff dance team it will give you everything you need for a lively night out. Plus amazing drinks offers not to be missed. Why not make it a bar crawl and head to Revolution? Playing extra student party tunes every Wednesday and located at the end of Wind Street for the ultimate finish to a student night out. We recommend a stroll along The Kingsway where plenty of incredible clubs are situated, and if you’re looking for something a little different then The Monkey Bar in particular is worth a visit. This venue is popular for its alternative line up of drum and bass, hip hop, salsa and a bit of reggae to get your groove on. Oceana has transformed Swansea’s social scene and has quickly become Swansea’s best option for a night out. Open from 12pm seven nights a week, its ideal for students. It also has the largest club capacity in the country although be warned you may become a missing persons case if you get separated from your friends.                                                              


Swansea for non-students

As we reach the end of the week students far and wide may find the time to recover from a whole week of partying, please pray for their livers. But this is a time for non-students to shake off the stress from the working week and explore a different side of Swansea’s nightlife, in simple terms the one student’s can’t afford!Weekends at Pitcher and Piano bring great music along with a great list of drinks to choose from. It’s undoubtedly one of the most chic venues on Wind Street that can guarantee you a brilliant night out. You can even try your hand at mixing and shaking some cocktails for yourself! No sign wine bar is a popular live music venue and an excellent choice for an office party where you and the team can indulge in high quality food and drink. Its sophisticated atmosphere means you’re unlikely to bump into any unruly students however more likely to bump into an old school teacher instead.

A night out in Swansea isn’t complete without a visit to Revolution. The self-named legendary venue isn’t just popular amongst students as the stylish concept and impressive décor makes it appealing to everyone else too. There’s no better place to unwind with a cool music mix of commercial classics and an expertly made cocktail. Swansea’s nightlife is worth travelling to from all corners of the Earth, a fantastic destination to celebrate hen nights, stag do’s or just for a change of scenery. Giving you all more the reason to experience the nightlife is Fiction, Wind Streets newest venue. Fiction brings with it new levels of expectations and an epic clubbing experience that will only leave you wanting more. This is the place to be if you’re a penny counting student or just looking for an excuse to let your hair down. Swansea’s nightlife has it all.