The benefits of going to a festival

Every summer, Britain is plagued by festivals and the ‘animals’ that flock to them. But they really aren’t that bad… As an avid festival goer, both in England and abroad, I can officially say that festivals aren’t the horrendous places that the media makes them out to be. People behaving like animals, nudity and drunken behaviour are all broadcasted… and that’s just one episode of Big Brother… but in all seriousness, if you haven’t been to a festival, then you definitely need to tick it off the bucket list because sooner or later you won’t be telling yourself you can’t go, you’ll be telling your grandkids…                                                                                        

Myth: You won’t shower for 5 days. Truth: There are lots of showering facilities.

Okay so the showers may be more like swimming pool showers but it sort of makes the festival experience more festival like… I guess. At British festivals, showering is separate between male and female but abroad, it tends to be one huge area with about hundred showers. Enter: a screaming, topless girl who finds the water too cold and must run around with her wet hair against her back whilst she throws her arms in the air. There’s always one.

Myth: Sleeping in a tent is cold, not fun and you won’t sleep. Truth: Sleeping in a tent is one of the funniest things you’ll do.

Squeezing 5 people into a 3 man tent may not sound like your ideal sleeping arrangements but it’s actually so much fun. I promise. Once you’re in your tent, the party doesn’t end and you’ll often stay up for hours with your friends, getting tiddly as your mother would say, telling stories and no doubt laughing till dawn. Okay so we’ve made it seem so much more romantic…

Myth: There are wars between different camps. Truth: Everyone is up for a laugh and you’ll soon have a camp family.

Before I went to my first festival, I was told tales of fights between camps, tents being set on fire, human faeces being thrown in the air and knife crime… It’s a wonder that me, a small girl from a county town ever embarked on this adventure but I did and I was surprised. We made friends with the tent next to us, called them family and by the end of the week were declaring that ‘we’ll defini tely keep in touch, you’re friends for life,’ only to never see them again or even remember their name. Fun times.

Myth: You’ll spend as much money as you would have done if you had booked a holiday. Truth: A festival is better than a holiday.

Okay festival tickets can be pricey, and then once you’ve loaded your car up with value spirits and cider in plastic bottles, you’ve probably spent quite a bit of dollar but without a doubt a festival can be as much fun as a holiday abroad. Friends, alcohol, music, good street food and memories… What more do you want?! Sun and sea. Pipe down. 

Myth: It’ll rain constantly. Truth: You’ll see a lot of burnt people.

I love living in England and therefore hate everyone who constantly puts Old Blightey down. Yes it rains but yes we’ve also all seen that person who is redder than Jo Joyner when she got Ian’s name wrong in the Eastenders live special, class. I’ve had some seriously hot weather at festivals and even been confused as to whether my knees were tanned or dirty. Nevertheless, if it wants to rain, it’ll rain and this can also be so much fun. Release your inner 9 year old boy and have fun splashing and sliding.

Myth: It’s overcrowded and you’ll get injured in the crowds. Truth: The most that will happen in a crowd, is having a drink spilled over you.

We’ve all heard of our mother’s, best friends, aunties, dog’s, girlfriends, sister that was injured and broke 34 bones in her body whilst swaying to her fave band at a festival. The truth is, your mother was right, if you don’t go looking for trouble then you won’t find it. If you two step or twerk near the back, you’ll go uninjured but if you run at speed with your t-shirt over your head into the front, you’ll enter a mosh and look like a fool.All in all, festivals are great experiences and if you only get a day ticket, I beg you, at least try one.

By Lucy Acton