The (not so) official guide to getting someone’s number!


1. You’re on a night out with friends and you spot someone you like the look of. Now what?

2. Start with making eye contact. It’s obvious and no surprise to anyone that this is the first step to grabbing someone’s attention.

3.  And make sure you show your pearly whites! Smiling indicates happiness and communicates fun, which will draw them to you.

4. If they’ve acknowledged that you’ve noticed them then it’s time to think about approaching. Otherwise you’ll come across as a creepy stalker!

5. First, it’s a pretty good idea to work out what you’re going to say before you approach to avoid any awkwardness.

6. When you’ve plucked up enough courage to approach someone, a legitimate question is always a good ice breaker.

7. Don’t just say hi and expect the other person to start the conversation. Or you may find it’s one of very few words …

8. By no circumstances should “are you single” be the first thing you ask. You’re jumping in way too quick and may seem desperate.

9. Instead, try complimenting the person. Compliments are well received by both guys and girls and will hint to where you’re leading.

10. Don’t fear rejection! Remember it’s cool, you only wanted to know where the toilets were anyway, right?

By Georgina Mullany