Popworld – A Pop Haven for All

Calling all pop fanatics! Take yourself on an exuberant journey through the decades in the cool and quirky atmosphere that is Popworld. Enjoy a light-hearted night of drinking, dancing and debauchery in the retro-party themed setting that caters for everyone, from current students to the party animals with a little bit more experience, with a set of tracks that will serve to take you back before bringing you into the here and now with a bang! The brand is associated with the Stonegate Pub Company, a leader in the hospitality and pub field that works with such reputable national brands as Yates’s, Slug and Lettuce and The Living Room, and can be found in many of the major cities nationwide, from Southampton to Birmingham to Liverpool; so get your research in, find the location nearest to you, and be sure not to miss out on your fun party fill!

Whilst each Popworld venue runs under the same general mantra, their ‘Rhythm of the Week toolkit’ allows the manager of each individual venue to cater their specific bar to meet local demand; this is largely achieved through a set of theme nights that vary depending on the location. Take, for instance, Pop Fridays at the Guildford venue, where you will enjoy all the party games that you can shake your limbo stick at! Whilst Monster Mondays in Wolverhampton is complete with a number of cool IT events and fantastic giveaways that work alongside a DJ playing all of your guilty pleasures.

Test out those vocal cords with karaoke night ‘Pop Idol’ every Tuesday night in Preston; or indulge in the free popcorn, beerpong and yes, more giveaways, at Banter Mondays in Birmingham, be sure to pick up a Banter card and benefit from their exclusive offers! Everyone knows however, that in the clubbing world, Saturday is where it’s at, and at Popworld, there is one thing that each venue has in common, The Popworld Party; get yourself over to your closest venue every Saturday and experience the biggest pop party in town; remember, there ain’t no part like a Popworld party!

No Popworld party is ever complete until you’ve enjoyed one of their innovative and awe-inspiring ‘Poptails’, an extensive range of cocktails that can be found nationwide. The Poptails can be found in three categories; Classic Pop, which includes the vodka and Peach Schnapps based ‘Sex on the Beach’; Retro Pop, where you’ll find the vodka and gin based ‘Mmm Bongo’; and Sweet Pop, with the Bacardi Rum and Sourz Tropical based Fruit Salad amongst others; or for celebrations, try one of the Pop V.I.P cocktails, such as the ‘Absolut Chambulls’, which consists of Absolut vodka, Prosecco and Red Bull.

The drinks are served in a variety of ‘vessels’ that come in very different sizes, from the one person glass, to the Disco Ball, for six to eight people (or less if you’re really looking to party!), and really do cater for everybody; be sure to do your research as there are a number of venues that provide Poptail Promotions on specific days and through specific events. The brand also provides a host of mini-cocktails, that range from ‘Pop Tarts’, such as the Disaronno based Bakewell Tart; ‘Pop Bombs’, such as the old favourite Jager Bomb; and a range of Shooters that include Corky’s, Goldshlager and Luxardo Sambuca. For those that prefer a different type of beverage, there is a number of beers and ciders available from which to partake; whilst you can always ‘pop’ the cork and choose from a fine selection of wines from a range that starts at just £9.95 per bottle!

Got an upcoming party to plan? Looking for a venue? Then look no further! Popworld offers a variety of packages that will cater for any event, from student parties, to stag and hen do’s, to office soirees. Take advantage of one of their V.I.P party packages, from the Bronze package for those on a budget to the sheer extravagance of the Platinum Package; each offering a different bottle of vodka amongst a variety of mixers; with the amount of extras on offer being determined by the level of package bought. For the group looking to make their own night, Popworld also offers a variety of ‘Pop Bottles’, full spirit bottles that come with a jug of mixer and six red bull cans; the perfect way to party Popworld style!


By Calum Dewsbury