Drop it like it's hot - SnoopDogg in Southend

What’s his Name?

Whether you know him from his less rock and roll Money Supermarket appearance or his infamous hit 90`s track “Who am I” (an oldie but a goodie) I’m sure you know who Snoop dogg is cause let’s face it, who doesn’t? And no, my Nan doesn’t count. He’s sold over 30 million albums worldwide and is still going strong after launching his career in 1992. Basically he was making music when some of us were still just a twinkle in our father’s eye.

On April 1st, the social media stratosphere went crazy after Southends Talk Nightclub announced that a very special guest appearance and performance would be made by the hip-hop legend himself.  Really bad day to release such huge news, April fools anyone? Luckily we all soon realised it was in fact not some kind of a sick joke but actually just really blooming exciting.



Friday May 22nd will bring a very special performance from Snoop Dogg at Southends most talked about nightclub, conveniently named Talk.  Opening at 9pm means you can get yourself inside, grab some drinks and get in the party mood. The club won’t close until 5am and as it’s a bank holiday weekend staying up until the early hours is completely justified. Tickets are available through the clubs Facebook page and are priced at £20 but you best be quick, the first 300 have already gone. The clubs twitter and Facebook pages are swamped with interest, there hasn’t’ been this much excitement since Kate and Wills tied the knot! 

So what brings Snoop to Southend, apart from the seaside air and the fish and chips from Van Looyeys? Well, being the home of Licklist headquarters automatically makes it an awesome venue, obviously. Secondly, Southend knows how to party. Think of it as the Essex equivalent to Marbs only on home turf and without all the baggage (unless you bump into an ex).  Talk is situated on Southends Lucy Road just a 2 minute walk away from the Marine Parade overlooking the beautiful seaside view. Where else can you stumble out of a club at 3am and be greeted by blue sea and a pebbly beach, usually its police stations and one legged pigeons.

Word of advice, just steer clear of Adventure Island until you’re sober. Tidal Wave may seem like a good idea after a few jaegers but honestly, it’s really not.

You had better clear your diaries and get online before tickets sell out; he is after all my absolute guilty pleasure. Who doesn’t wanna drop it like it`s hot on a Friday night with a white wine spritzer in their hand, I know I do. 



By Sophie Black