High Definition Festival

High Definition makes TV look better. High Definition makes the pictures on your camera look better. High Definition will make your summer better.

High Definition will return this summer to Tunbridge Wells as it marks its 5th birthday. Forget visiting the petting zoo and having a slice of Caterpillar cake, this festival knows how to celebrate its 5th birthday…

With months until it takes place, huge acts have already been announced that will make your palms sweaty and your knees feel weak. We’re talking Sigma, DJ EZ, Breach, Goldie, Redlight and ofcourse many more.

High Definition has gained an enviable reputation for being an IT girl… oh wait that’s Tara Palmer Tomkinson… we mean, they’ve gained an enviable reputation as one of the most progressive electronic music festivals on the planet. It’s a pretty big deal.

7 stages and 2 whole days of camping, this sounds better than the smell of turkey drumsticks, smiley faces and spaghetti hoops that filled the school dining room every Friday… And that was a good day.

This festival is going the extra mile as well. Everyone who’s been to a festival has probably drank too much and watched in misery as the lovely, British winds have blown your beer tokens away. Well, fear not. Beer tokens are a thing of the past at this festival. You’ll be sent a wristband with instructions of how to pre load money onto it, so when you want to buy a drink you just have to flash your wrist… Ooo saucy.

Likewise if you think music and production go hand in hand like a cup of tea and Rich Tea biscuits, then this festival is the one for you. High Definition Festival creates the most visually and sonically extravagant showpiece’s around. This small electronic festival in the UK is home to cutting edge production across all stages and arenas. High-end sound systems, hundreds of meters of LED screen panels, full-colour laser systems, pyrotechnics, Co2 cannons, stadium glitter launchers and hundreds of moving lights – you’ll soon be screaming ‘I want it all – give it to me’ in a similar manner to Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

Taking place on the 4th and 5th July, you’d be mad to miss it so act fast and be reckless. Last year, the festival sold out all 15,000 tickets well in advance of the festival so early booking is advised. Grab your tickets here channel/web2/start-order/rid/3 YUL84S2/language/en.

For once in your life, be a sheep and follow the crowd as the globes very best electronic artists descend on Tunbridge Wells for two days of the very best electronic sounds. And don’t forget to tell everyone you’re going and why not get even more excited and read some great reviews written by other festival goers at inition-festival.








By Lucy Acton