The Benefits of Going Out...

Let’s face it, with the miserable winter weather upon us and the ever disappearing bank balance it can be easy to become a hermit. Even the social butterflies and the hard core party goers can fall into the trap of snuggling up in front of a movie every night in their onesie, by 8pm!


Does this sound like you? Do you reminisce about the good old days despite being alien to a grey hair? Of course down time is essential, but so is going out and having a good time. It’s time to trade in the PJ’s along with all your excuses!

A night on the town is obviously a great way to keep your friendships strong whether you’ve been away at uni or seen them the day before. There’s nothing quite like the deep, meaningful and very drunk heart to heart you may have with your mates in the club toilets that wouldn’t happen anywhere else!

You never know who you might bump into either; the crush you had for ages who is now single or the crazy ex you’ve been so desperately avoiding. At least it will make for a good awkward story to tell everyone about after.

And everyone’s guilty of having that one outfit hidden away that they’ve been dying to wear for ages but are waiting for a “special occasion”. Going out regularly means you won’t get lost in the waiting game and provides the perfect excuse to never let an outfit get covered in cob webs.


Clubbing gives you the chance to venture onto a dancefloor and express yourself through the medium of dance without feeling like a mug. That is until you find out that your best mate filmed the entire thing and shows you the video the next day when you’re sober! Just think of how much fun you were having at the time.

It’s not unheard of to get separated in the crowd from your circle of friends on a night out but this doesn’t mean that this has to be a negative thing. If anything going out is a good way to practise your social skills! It’s unlikely that you will feel as comfortable telling your life story to a complete stranger any other time.

In fact making the effort to engage in conversation with new people makes your night all the more interesting, even if the alcohol is partly to blame.

Every girl will know what we’re talking about when we say that the world would be a better place if girls always treated each other as they do in club toilets. They seem to instantly become best friends and dish out compliments like vending machines. Just taking a toilet break can give you a real confidence boost!

It’s time to call your mates over, turn the music up and enjoy one of the many benefits of going out.

By Georgina Mullany