Getting in the mood for a night out...

Sometimes, a night out is just not what you want. It’s okay to admit you’re a social reject, put on your matching pyjamas and watch Take Me Out and Harry Hill’s Stars in their eyes, even if it does make you double over with cringing. However before you commit this crime, try and get into the mood for a night. No-one likes a shrinking violet declaring that they’re ‘fine, I just don’t fancy a night out.’ (Yeah and Lauren Goodger isn’t still in love with Mark Wright).

Spontaneous nights out are as tense as when Cheryl Cole performs on X factor – will she mime, won’t she mime? Will it be a good night, won’t it be a good night? Nonetheless, he are some tips to get you in the party mood.

Annie Mac eat your heart out

First things first, get some music on, and guess what, it can be any music you want. If you want to listen to Victoria Beckham – Let your head go, then go ahead. If a bit of S-club ‘You’ makes your clock tick, then be our guest. Just don’t put mellow magic on, trust me, it’s a bad move and you’ll end up crying alone in bed, regretting everything. Literally everything - from that time you shouted at your mum, to the time you ignored your pet and you swear you actually saw a tear in their eye.

Mellow magic is bad and can put you in a very dark place. Be a rebel and crank the music up to level 15 not your usual volume of 11 and shake what ya mumma gave ya.

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A little eye candy never hurt anyone (famous last words).

Pop open that £5 bottle of fizzy wine

You’re not a true girl, if you haven’t squealed over that ‘Champagne’ and felt uber sophisticated whilst toasting to ‘a girls night’ when all along it’s been a bottle of Co-op Cava. Similarly, you’re not a real lad’s lad until you’ve burped 11 times and tactical chundered during a game of beer pong (ohhh so Manly).

Anyway, it’s the little things in life. Grab your friends, do some shots and have some nibbles. Pizza is always easy… That is until an argument breaks out as to whether it’s done or not and oh god, now there is only Meat Feast left for the vegetarian. Spontaneous nights out are the best until drunken dee-dee in the corner has forgotten their ID.

Use your hairbrush as a microphone

Something we seem to forget, is that it’s okay to be stupid and have fun. Note: by stupid we mean harmless fun with your friends, not breaking into a car, joy-riding it around town and then admitting you’ve been stupid. Girls -Dance around with your friends, sing into hairbrushes and maybe even drink a bit too much so you can’t stop hiccupping. Cute. Try on each other’s clothes, do each other’s hair and forget that you have that 8am insanity class at the gym tomorrow.

Boys – do whatever you like doing with your mates, just don’t go overboard on the aftershave. Nothing like a harmless bit of fun. You’re also not a true lad until you’ve been reduced to tears and screaming over a game of Fifa and then forced to apologise over facebook. Right? So have a quick macho game.

Be a Selfie Criminal

A great night out comes with great pictures to laugh at the next day. Snap away and upload onto any social media site you have, all of them actually. There’s nothing like 5 selfies, to show your followers how cool you are and to prove how much fun you’re having. Even better in my opinion, if you get more than 8 likes, you’re practically famous and it’s only natural to expect a few fans following you around the club. You have earned this night out and you look hot.

Girls go to the bathroom together because that’s where we rap battle

If you’re still not in the mood for a night out, when you first enter the club, it can be a bit overwhelming. Like always, the first tradition for women is a 10 woman trip to the loos. Check lippy, ruffle your hair and pout for a pic. Maybe even scream the odd, ‘wooo!’ Lads get yourself to the bar and take a stock check of the club. Then the dance floor is your stage. Note to self: girls you must participate in the ultimate girl dance – clutch under arm, one arm in air and sway your hips as if you believe you’re the sexiest female in there. Lads, whatever you do, don’t shuffle. That is something that needs to be left in 2014, along with Caroline Flack.


And if this fails, just remember the end of the night will bring you cheesy chips and garlic mayo. Let that be your incentive for a night out, it works for me. 

By Lucy Acton