Beating those January Blues

Licklist has got everything you need to beat those January blues! Like most of us, you’re probably feeling slightly depressed that the festive season is over and it suddenly feels like an eternity until the next payday. We won’t even mention how the New Year’s resolution is going!


There’s even an entire day in January dedicated to feeling blue, the infamous ‘Blue Monday’ where we come to terms with being broke and the overwhelming guilt of overindulging over the Christmas period. All of this along with “dry January” (the point of this is?) means that going out and having a good time is at the bottom of our list of priorities.


But you’ll be glad to hear that you don’t have to spend the entire month at home miserable! We’ve got plenty of tips on how to survive until the payday weekend so you don’t have to abandon your social life.


You’re not alone if you’re counting down the days to the end of January but a simple thing like bringing back the old piggy bank can make life a little easier. There’s certainly no mind boggling method to this! Just put a small amount of money away every now and then so there’s no holding back come February. Going back to basics can definitely pay off!

Another good money saving tip is to avoid paying for things with your card! It’s easy to get carried away with your spending if you only have to whip the card out without thinking too much about it. It all adds up, no-one wants to be left red faced and told their card has been rejected. It happens to the best of us! Instead, find time to budget for the week ahead.


Once you’ve put a bit of thought into what you’re going to spend it’s likely you will already find some obvious ways to cut down the cost. Why not try withdrawing only the amount you need and if you have some left over, put it in the piggy bank?


No matter how you manage to cling onto life until the payday weekend it’s always set to be an epic social event! Get ready to scrape up every last penny you’ve been oh so clever to save as there’s still every reason to party in January.


Don’t dismiss London for being over budget as The All Access Pass gives you entry into sixteen of London’s best bars, pubs and clubs in the West End and beyond for just £10. Yes you did read that right! Additionally, each ticket allows you to dodge any hefty drink prices and gain access to a selection of money saving deals.


In fact, don’t dismiss anywhere this month whether it’s somewhere local or further afield as there are many venues that are very popular at this time of year. Cameo Bournemouth is the lead destination venue for the South Coast and has some fantastic events lined up in the running to the payday weekend.

You can always check out Licklist’s ‘who’s going page’ or the news section to get ideas and suggestions on where to go for the upcoming payday weekend. We also recommend searching for venues in the Licklist directory to avoid missing any amazing club offers!


Bars and clubs across the country are bracing themselves for the incoming crowds of deprived party goers. So take a few tips on board and beat those January Blues because the payday weekend will be nothing short of epic.

By Georgina Mullany