Glitz and Glamour at Cameo

Having undergone a rather impressive makeover, Cameo is now Ashford’s new, luxurious, high-end club. Upon arrival you’ll step into a wonderful world of indulgent cocktails, exceptional champagnes and people who say everything sounds fabulous, darling.

If you haven’t already got the gist Cameo is the sort of place where you have to make an effort, although there’s no need to rock up looking like Paris Hilton. They recommend you just keep it stylish, fashionable and fresh. So channel your inner fashionista and leave the Vicky Pollard attire for the morning after!


Warehouse Monday’s is Cameo’s newest and biggest student night that raises the bar by offering unrivalled levels of service. Talented DJ, Leroy Fish creates an outstanding partying vibe spinning Dance House, EDM and all of your favourite student anthems. You’ll find it hard to leave the dancefloor!


Dan ‘SugaPuff’ Harding is always at the ready in the second room for when you just can’t resist raving to some pop, party and cheesy anthems. You and your friends can battle it out to see who can best remember all the words to Britney, even if winning is certainly nothing to be proud of.


The great thing about Cameo is that the bar is open from 7.00pm and all drinks have 50% off for the next two hours, including champagne and cocktails. This means you can ditch the gritty pre-drinks on your mate’s shabby sofa and waste no time by heading straight there!


Start off the weekend properly as Friday and Saturday at Cameo won’t compare anywhere else. This is when you can venture into ‘The Loft’ to take a break from House or cheesy pop music and boogey like Beyoncé until your heart’s content. DJ Dan Flack plays only the finest RnB, Hip Hop and Garage. But don’t forget to dress to impress.

Good news ladies, Cameo welcomes a brand new ladies pamper area which they say brings back glamour and opulence to the regions nightlife. We say it gives you the perfect excuse to enjoy a night out in style. To complete a night of opulence, they offer the very best table service to all of their private booths. Sit back, sip champagne and have no shame in feeling like a celebrity.


With chic décor, brilliant entertainment and an extraordinary drinks menu, Cameo provides an ultimate clubbing experience and is guaranteed to exceed all of your expectations. A night of glitz and glamour awaits you.

By Georgina Mullany