Licklist guide to ... Aberdeen

When you think of Scotland you’ll probably conjure up images of haggis, tartan and whiskey. Glasgow and Edinburgh are Scotland’s most popular cities and therefore notorious for nights out. However, here at Licklist we know that there‘s a new up-and-coming city, taking the highlands by storm. A city where the sky is grey and the jocks are blootered. (Have a look in the Scottish slang dictionary) And no we’re not talking about Inverness, we’re talking the A-game… Aberdeen.

Scottish people like to be independent (had to be done) and therefore like to make their own cocktails. At the Orchid you can try your hand as a mixologist and make your own cocktails for friends to enjoy. Relish the class as you are taken through different flavours and methods, even learning the history of cocktails. Who knew that Tesco Value bottle of Vodka had a past ey?!

If you want something every day of the week and we mean 365 days a year, with free entry, then Espionage is your place. At the heart of the city centre, this club will definitely secure a place in your heart. With 4 bars, 3 floors and 2 dance floors, could you ask for anything else?! The music ranges from cheese, hip hop, dance and RnB so you won’t even have to ‘pretend’ that you enjoy ‘Javine – Real things’ when it comes on. Just dance.

Aurum is the place of luxury. Think reserved tables, champagne on ice and gold (and by gold we mean classy gold not tacky gold like Big Brovaz in 2003). This club is great if you want to feel like a celebrity so sit back and make use of the VIP area and the private waitressing service. Note: it’s not as sleazy as it sounds.

Sing city is exactly what it says. 6 karaoke booths decorated to look like 6 different cities. Clever or what?! Okay so maybe it didn’t take a design genius to come up with that idea but it’s a great night out. Who doesn’t love a sing-song even though they know they can’t sing? I mean look at Nicole Sherzinger. There is nothing else like it in the city and each booth holds up to 30 people. Just book it now.

If you like the option of having a good dance and then maybe nipping for some food whilst your friends think you’re still two-stepping then Bar-Korova is the one for you. Since 2008, this bar has succeeded in selling food, cocktails and world beer across 2 levels. It’s more of a classy night.

With clubs across the UK and one in Aberdeen, Tiger Tiger is somewhere you must visit. Put your glad rags on, back comb that hair maybe even put on 2 pairs of eyelashes. This is the ultimate clubbing experience and it wouldn’t be right without a portion of cheesy chips afterwards. (There are suitable eateries for later).

If you think yourself to be edgy (you’re probably not because you use that word), cool (again you probably aren’t unless you’re in year 5) or sophisticated (do you remember throwing up in that taxi?), you need to visit AmicusApple. British food with a twist, cocktails with a twist, can you take much more madness?!

So whether you’re looking for a club, cocktail bar or karaoke bar, Aberdeen has something for you. And if all that fails, then look for a Scottish pub as haggis is surprisingly good.

By Lucy Acton